Monday, May 21, 2012

a rocky experience: of sweat, tears and frustration

i foresee myself being super busy tonight (maybe)
so here i am to blog before i break the challenge, on the second day. == haha
so i mentioned there is gonna be a post of MAK on our modern dance performance
performers had to reach early for rehearsal
the super grand crystal lamp in the hall
i don't really like crystal lamp but this was so big and mesmerizing!

note that we didn't have a nice night before that because the penyelia complained our dance being too sexy. seriously? we took away the butt-shaking part already (that was what they complained to be too sexy for our FESTAKA performance.). even our costumes were complained. i don't wanna complain all over again but they are really a bit out of their minds. stupid leech.

lunch. with no spoon! T.T
it was like going back to orientation week all over again

we are resourceful enough to come out with this solution though.
never have i loved cucumber so much XD

finally met the stage manager. heehee

i want one for my room!

as the stage was too long, we chucked the plan of wearing heels to dance Hoot
YES! Melody Kho who can't even walk properly on flat ground was going to wear heels to dance!

final polishing up.

right before our performance, the final pose =))

i think we rock.
and we're going out now for our modern dance celebration
which i of course will blog about some other day
see ya soon =))

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