Tuesday, May 8, 2012


lol lol. YES i have been really busy recently, again.
name tags for the project i mentioned before
FESTAKA, a traditional dance competition for primary school children in KL and Selangor area.

supporting friends is a must, even in the midst of chaos XD 
when are we ever gonna get tired of this photo format i dunno XP

Ah Boy. =P

that night, we did not sleep, until 7.30am.
craziest thing so far. T.T

and went for tomyam at 1am i think, the next day
and i vomited T.T
tomyam or tiredness i also dunno haha
but i am fine naoo no worries XD

rehearsal day for festaka. 
yeap, it's quite a big event!

for the podium. =)

out of nothing, we tried to make decorations for the stage

final practice and polishing up for modern dance performance.
nyak nyak doing his baby freeze

just in case you forgot me. haha
look at the pimples! T.T


breakfast at 7am.
i woke up late. T.T

Publicity's main job of the day: Selling tickets!

and signing in for 8th College students.

kids waiting for registration

kids waiting to enter the backstage
some of them looked SUPER gorgeous


 our modern dance crew after the said to be TOO SEXY performance.
if we had a nicer background i think we'd look even better!

although i look ugly.. heehee

best makeup tried so far!

one last photo.

and there goes FESTAKA..
having more things to blog about.
will definitely be back when i am free enough.
till then babai =D

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