Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1kg =D

i did mention four point food is coming soon right? here it is =D. lucky me got the chance to enjoy buffet lunch in Four Points last Sunday. as a girl, i rushed to the desserts section once i reached there. wouldn't talk much, let the pictures speak =). i uploaded the photos to my facebook already so maybe they don't look so attractive now tho. XD

cream puff. didn't get to eat it, but sister said it was nice.
chocolate cheese cake. it doesn't look pretty but it was nice!
strawberry whatever. five stars =)
chocolate cake with whatever jam and orange. haha. four stars maybe
this is nice! fruit tart i guess XD
so-so. not something i will remember haha
orange jelly. i din get to finish! T.T
cupcake. soft, puffy and nice XD
tasteless honeydew sago soup. haha
well. it looks ugly. and it did not taste good also. so i guess we can judge a chocolate marshmallow cake by its look haha
the pasta cook cooking for me me me! lol
my carbonara fusilli =). too salty tho ><
sushi!!! =D
cooking my laksa. =D
i would say YUCKS haha
sweets. sweets. fats!
haha. i made this mess. obviously.
beside the swimming pool. bopian. first time go four point XD

and where did the title come from? yes. i gained 1 kg after the satisfying afternoon. haha. but guess what? after going to the toilet, i lost 700g. and after wii, another 100g was gone. i guess i'm pure pro =DDD.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


trust me, sorry really doesn't mean anything

and when the pain is so frequent, we all get numb.
and tada!
no more pain is felt.

Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm a ...

CHINESE! hahaha

the hari perpaduan is coming soon enough
i'm gonna wear cheongsam like what i did last year
sot ==
but there's a problem
i don't feel like wearing the same one which i wore last year

so how about this?
it belongs to ibeho
a bit too short for me tho T.T

my own

still have five days to think

sorry for the ugly hair anyway
lazy to do anything to it
should i cut it?
crucial question =DD

by the way
i have four point food queuing up
stay tuned =D

Sunday, July 25, 2010


girl, XD. i don't know if you get to read this.
just wanna tell you, look for the happy spots in life! haha
life's not a bedful of roses ma
even roses have thorns right?
i know what you're going through is hard for you
i am not so clever to be able to solve your problems
i can only listen
i cannot help you
but i can cry with you.

so even when u're feeling down
just remember you've got us
so smile for us okay? =)).

love's not easy.
tho i ever say that mr.seahorse not romantic
etc etc
i'm still glad you found someone whom u love and he loves you
and i can see u are happy with him
so don't give up so easily


Saturday, July 24, 2010


finally i got my title back!
i guess i accidentally clicked it away, now that it's back i will not grumble about thinking title liao!
=DD. guess we never know what we've got till it's gone right? haha
anyway, i think, it's high time i quarantine myself.
i need a cave
with no handphone, no camera, no computer, no internet
maybe robinson cruisoe's island will be a good idea
but i don't want to meet the barbarians there
so maybe isle of Esme will be good.
maybe someday one of the cullens will come
did i mention that jasper is so not gorgeous now?
carlisle is the best. =DD

bella's lullaby =D.

carlisle wei!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

wu oh wu oh

hello people. =D. i am still alive. but I've been playing bejeweled for like 40 minutes? because i want to earn money. =DDD. and now my eyes are so tired they can close in seconds, so i better be quick. this is something i've wanted to post for long, but i always neglected it. so here it is today.

do anyone of you still play Barbie dolls? well, i am not playing. but when i have nothing to do, i pull them out and let them try on different clothes, they don't have many anyway. and btw, i'm not so lucky to have Barbie dolls la, they belong to my sister. haha. whatever, one day i decided to make clothes for them, what to do, fashion designer was one of my many dreams also.

so, i cut the cloths, and started sewing! =D.
proudly presenting my new clothes.
i made them all!! both i mean, the white one with polka dots is just what i tied using cloths and ribbon. haha.

a song to share by the way. =D.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what's left to do when there is literally nothing left to do in facebook?
can anyone tell me? T.T
actually i know lots
study. =D.
because there is no way to study, not with the computer on!!!
and finally..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the premier school

hello everybody. i'm going to introduce you to my school. the name of the school is SMK St Lasap. i think it is one of the oldest school in Malaysia. and it is the first school of all to offer form 6. isn't it cool? i'm doing my form 6 in the pioneering school. hahaha. i feel so so so honoured.

what to say about the school? well, there happen to be good teachers. i'm lucky i met one or two of them. but the rest. u'll not like the way i describe them.
haha. firstly, there is a teacher who is extremely racist. "mana ada negara yang mana rakyat asing dapat hidup baik selain malaysia? kalau kamu rasa ditindas kamu semua balik China la", yes, this is what she says to us. what more? "minta maaf ya, tapi peniaga cina memang pandai untung duit, ahh, ya, mereka mungkin menggunakan cara yang salah, itulah sebabnya". what should i say? WTFFFFFFF. lol. i don't like to pollute my blog. T.T.
next. there is also a teacher. he is good in a way that he is very good in the subject he teaches. but something bad is that, who can stand listening to "your standard is like this, SURE FAIL, TOO LATE, NO HOPE, USELESS" i'm not exaggerating.. this is the truth!
another one, he is now gone anyway. well, if coming into the class and turning on the computer and asking the students copy everything from the computer, and picking on his favourite student to answer some questions, if these qualify one as a teacher, i'm proud to say, WAHSEH! EVEN I CAN BE A TEACHER!!!!!!!!
ohh. and the school is also so corrupted that the prefectorial board, which is said to be one of the BEST PREFECTORIAL BOARD in malaysia, has prefects who go against the school rule. i'm not a rule lover, but hehe, this one is sooo over. she wears makeup, she does not wear singlet, she is everything but the material to be a prefect. and i think the only reason she gets to be one is that yes, the corrupted prefect teacher, whom students found porn in his recycle bin, yes, this teacher likes her. because she is so PRETTY. LOL.

a student should look like this. NERD. haha
and some unrelated photos which i just wanted to upload. hahahahhaaa
see see see that smile changes the mood of the photo. =DDD.

lastly, it's not in every school that you find guys who drool over girls like they've never seen any before. and it's also not common that you see boys who act like girls and boys who claim to know girls better than themselves. but all these, i found in this school. SMK St Lasap! special right? =D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i dislike piano. i hate theory, despite the fact that my name is melody. hey i rhyme. haha. look at the stupid piece of theory down there, it takes me maybe weeks to finish! why? no motivation. i just need the grade five theory to sit for grade 8 practical, so grade six theory is like crap, so why does the teacher want me to continue? grrrr. i always wonder, why do parents like to ask their kids to do things they don't like, these might be things the parents wanted to have but never got the chance so they force it onto their children, thinking that they will like it. @@.

but then, don't like piano, still can camwhore when practicing piano. hahaha.

and i just found out, if you're kinder, just wait to kenak tindas by people. group work is always lidat kan? LOL

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


firstly, please let your brain follow the guidance of my words and try picture what i am trying to say. is that fine? thanks so much =)

i laid back and closed my eyes. the bed of straw was just as comfortable as my fluffy mattress at home. slowly i inhaled. the sweet scent of the ripe paddy, the woody smell of the forever strong and tall tree, the special kind of smell which only comes once in awhile when the skies were blue like today, and finally the smell of my own clothes, soaked with perspiration due to the running i did through the whole grassland. surprisingly, i did not stink. surprisingly, it was a natural smell, i felt just another inch closer to nature. i opened my eyes, now letting my sense of sight to admire the work of God. i was overwhelmed by the beauty. we've become so blind to our other senses that we get numb. amazed by the yellowish gold of the rice field, i willed myself to take another greedy breath. again, i see myself running and dancing with joy, in the evening when you left me alone, alone in the place which once was where i dreaded most. i can now laugh at myself, how stupid was i to have even wasted a second in this perfect place by not seeing the beauty. i guess, i was blind. memories start flooding my brain, i remember the time you made me the kite. i ran as fast as my legs could take me, i tripped, i fell, but my kite never flew high enough. slowly, your warm hands guided me, with affection and patience in your voice, you told me: "ah tee, not like that. let go slowly, see, the kite is soaring." the very memory of you making the kite was enough to make me cry. with tears scorching hot on my cheek, i gazed into the blue sky, willing the white clouds to bring away my sorrow.

well. to those who read this post. did the picture below just happen to come into your mind when you were reading? or even something like it? hope so.

i was just thinking, who are authors? they are just normal people like you like me right? but they just manage to tie our hearts our minds to their story. i could almost feel the despair when alice saw that the volturi were coming. i cried when tobby was dead to protect harry.
it's just that i haven't been writing for long, and i got all nostalgic. i know it's weird anyway. but what can i do? i'm only writing facts now, thesis statement, argument, opinion. and they are just plain boring. really so boring.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

twilight saga

yeah. this is the first time ever i blog about books. i don't wanna sound like a typical shallow young girl who only cares about her looks and so on, not just because i DON'T have the look anyway. haha. that was dry. whatever. yes yes yes! i'm gonna talk about the twilight saga today. i'm not gonna write a review about the book tho, you'll eventually get to know it when you watch the movies, except that the movies usually change A WHOLE LOT of the original storyline, not that people care that much, they're equally good, i hope.

so, i got all four books of the twilight saga. beam beam beam, so dang happy. but my first book is the movie version, you know? the skin with edward and bella instead of the apple which looks oh so cool. why? because i only bought it after i watched twilight. grr. i saw people talking about the books when i was playing gaiaonline, some stupid game. but hell, i never bothered to ask them! if i did, it would've been so much different when i went for the movie, i remember it was supposed to be a farewell for meilin, but haha, she is still stuck in kuching and i'm pretty glad =D.

so quit that, we all know the effect of movies right? after watching, me, decided i wanted to read the books as well. so i got my very first twilight book. and walao. when i finished and wanted to continue, mph told me no stock, i have to wait! i even reserved the books. then i started waiting for the phone call. i want to read i want to read was all i remembered. it took me long enough to wait, but i guess it was all worth it. i'm now the proud owner of a whole set of twilight saga.

i love vampires so much because of the books and i wished they exist. and i wished anyone of them, Jasper preferably, to change me and HAHAHA! i am also a vampire. isn't that uber cool? and you can call me Melody Cullen. wow!

stop that, it's just a fantasy. i'm never gonna be one, i'll just be the plain, old me grumbling at times in this hidden blog of mine. haha. i sound so sad.

anyway, i'm reading eclipse and breaking dawn over again. why?
because the movie is coming out!!
yay yay yay!
hip hip hurray

Friday, July 9, 2010

emo T.T

sorry means nothing at all when you keep repeating it like it is breathing to you.
i'm used to it. why don't you just say like sorry, but i'm not sorry because i will come back and hurt you again in awhile? at least it sounds sincere to me. haha.
ohh fine i know it was not funny, but that's what i feel.
you know, i know, we both know that sorry, it's not gonna change anything
and i mean

emo song number 1






是男人的软弱 wow~




emo song no. 2


















the lyrics are just so true. @@. why do people always manage to find their own emotions in other people's songs?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

just two random photos before i start =). taken in SMK St Lasap. edited using ke niu. BANZAI keniu =DD.


yes, the muet results are out. and i got band five. i know i should be happy, i am, because i don't have to sit for it again wasting a bloody RM60 over something unnecessary, people still can get into local U with band 3 so why does this lasap school require so much? if they like it so much, why don't they sponsor? =D.
back to the point, i should be happy, but i am not so happy. why? because some people made it like i was wrong to obtain such results. i know, u deserved a band 6 but it's not my fault u got band four. if you got band 6 i wouldn't ejek you like how you did. i mean, u said you were just praising me, well, your tone did not sound so. you said you were happy that our class got a band five, come on la, you sounded so phony. i can understand that you were disappointed, but what to do? i'm not trying to show off, but your attitude did piss me off. i meant it when i said i wished i got a band four. @@. maybe lasapians just have the special ability to spoil people's mood. hahahahaha.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


been long. dunno busy with what but whatever it was just managed to keep me from blogging for like five days. so are my hands itching to blog? not really. i don't have much to say.

well, people nowadays are more and more into photography i can see
one particular hobby is camwhoring
mostly, like we can see in facebook, girls especially have tons and tons of photos of themselves no matter the photos look good or bad.
but there is a problem.
some people look great, and i really mean GREAT!!!
but they produce some photos which we will say why not nice de?
and some people, look normal just like me, but they manage to look oh so gorgeous in their photos!
so the question comes, WHY??
first possibility, a lot of editing work behind the leng die photos. =D, refer to my keniu post, orTHIS!
second possibility, they are just plainly angle-finding guru. (PS: i think i am not bad =X hahaha)

theory part over. now let us move to the fun part: PRACTICAL! =D

if you haven't already found out, my photos mostly show the whole face of mine! ohh, and my hair does help a bit to cover up my big face XD

see, perpendicular to the camera haha
another one!
anyway this was just to show off my pajamas and choppar and the pink stickers haha
now, to the angle part! see this. my right cheek
and this, my left cheek. which one looks better? personally i prefer my right cheek, so when taking photos i try my best to stand on the right side =DD. too bad meilin's angle is also on the right. need to work on it. haha
makeup. @@ =DDD i know i am weak but i don't care =D
did you notice that in the above photo my face looks almost sharp whereas in the photo below it is obviously round? now it's not the angle problem but how you position your camera. to look thinner you can try positioning your camera a bit above your head, just a little bit tho. i don't get it why some guys just like taking from below, it makes them look fat. haha. and to get the angle like below, just position your camera parallel, or perpendicular? whatever, right in front of your face. but not too near, you don't want people to see your pimples right? hahaha

guess that's all for today. got to go and TATA

anyway strictly no editing in this post except for the effects!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


it was a three in one celebration. to HAPPILY send edna, carmen and gladys away.
to celebrate the success of the amazing race
and to celebrate the birthdays of jeffrey, bryan and roger. =)
they're all my age and they're now older, that's cool! haha. anyway, we went to Corallium, nice place. for more information, click CORALLIUM =)

my first order: mushroom soup. obviously the ribbons and the box were just for action. looks lenger ma right? =D
my drinks: ice blended chocolate mint. =D wah wah but in the end i couldn't finish it. T.T
the yummy Chocolate Fondue. okay la, not so yummy, too sweet for me ><.
the birthday cake! i like the candles. =)

one bad thing is that, the lighting is blue there. i had to use flash so that the food didn't look scary and of course i edited la =DD. and u can't camwhore lor, unless you want to look like Avatar. haha. i'm serious T.T.