Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1kg =D

i did mention four point food is coming soon right? here it is =D. lucky me got the chance to enjoy buffet lunch in Four Points last Sunday. as a girl, i rushed to the desserts section once i reached there. wouldn't talk much, let the pictures speak =). i uploaded the photos to my facebook already so maybe they don't look so attractive now tho. XD

cream puff. didn't get to eat it, but sister said it was nice.
chocolate cheese cake. it doesn't look pretty but it was nice!
strawberry whatever. five stars =)
chocolate cake with whatever jam and orange. haha. four stars maybe
this is nice! fruit tart i guess XD
so-so. not something i will remember haha
orange jelly. i din get to finish! T.T
cupcake. soft, puffy and nice XD
tasteless honeydew sago soup. haha
well. it looks ugly. and it did not taste good also. so i guess we can judge a chocolate marshmallow cake by its look haha
the pasta cook cooking for me me me! lol
my carbonara fusilli =). too salty tho ><
sushi!!! =D
cooking my laksa. =D
i would say YUCKS haha
sweets. sweets. fats!
haha. i made this mess. obviously.
beside the swimming pool. bopian. first time go four point XD

and where did the title come from? yes. i gained 1 kg after the satisfying afternoon. haha. but guess what? after going to the toilet, i lost 700g. and after wii, another 100g was gone. i guess i'm pure pro =DDD.

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