Monday, April 30, 2012

now i know shopping can be tiring. now i really really know! yes i am back to super long titles again =DD for fun for fun not so fun ==

yesterday we went shopping for our performance costume
but because we already have certain requirements from the coach
it made our search a bit more complicated
before anything else.. FOOD! =P
now i love V-Soy! =D

heehee. nom nom.

the girls minus huini!

from morning till night, from sungei wang till times square
we were so tired, super duper tired T.T

but guess what! WE MET AFU IN SUNGEI WANG!
we were leaving the place for times square
when i suddenly heard Sheng Sheng Man
and saw many people
and! WAAAAA!!!
YES? GOOD! hahaha

my jacket, for now, until i get back my RM50. XD

YES i made it. one last post for April
gosh another month just flew by =O!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

these people really know how to enjoy. @@

early one fine (NOT FINE SUPER HOT) Saturday morning
继被取笑之后再被嫌弃的我的洗衣桶 T.T

representatives from Biro Publisiti.

by lunch time, we were only a little bit away from hitting the target
MCD ROCKS!!! the kfc beside mahsa should really be changed to mcd ==
i wouldn't mind walking so far for it! XD

GO GO GO! lol
i dunno why we were so berkobar kobar

but of course after we exceeded the target
tiredness and the heat started to kick in 
and we stopped for UFO the fake snowflake lol

me prefer snowflake XD



Friday, April 27, 2012

i missed you.

it was really a long hectic week. and i can finally say i am officially able to breathe for the moment.
look at my deadlines and my Listening and Speaking in ESL Classroom's final test which is supposed to be on 24th of May is brought advance to today, yes, almost one month, and the lecturer told us only last week.

and my individual presentation which should be on last week
was postponed to yesterday.
hence, for this week, i had Grammar test on Tuesday
Philosophy test and Chamak Challo performance on Wednesday
L&S portfolio to submit and Individual Presentation for Teaching Prose on Thursday
and L&S final on Friday.
and hence, i have not been sleeping well since Tuesday night
the heat. the pressure. waa it's like the physics chapter on thermal conduction. ==
ahh, and not to forget there is charity work for a project tomorrow, so no xingfu sleeping time yet.
the weather few days ago was SO HOT I COULD DIE!!!

so i was so prepared for the presentation last week =.=
just had to take a photo so that my dress was not worn in vain
i wanted to be different ma!!
and for the presentation yesterday, i wore dull, formal attire ==

 sorry this post is not in chronological order haha
we were on the way to Sunway =D

had so much fun. got darker. enough said. XD

and to end my day in Sunway in the most perfect manner
Chocotop served me well =D

Celebration party for PKC!! heehee 

my i-forgot-what's-its-name food. XD

Mr. Actor Handsome Lee and Miss Usher XD

rasa demure and nice =P

while waiting for the rest and the food to arrive
we should go there again just to take photos! hehehe!
and no it was not coincidence we all wore black
it was the dressing code == lol

2nd time Indians. =)
this time we got to makeup for ourselves
and also got to wear something nicer -- Saree
but i have no photos taken as my battery was dying T.T

and look at these bangles!

sometimes, people fail to realize how lucky they are
it's the small small things that people tend to overlook
it's these small small things that matter. 

thanks for being my recycle bin
thanks for making me smile
although you were also equally if not more stressed than me.

yes i almost broke down because of stress T.T
and now i am going to have a nap (FINALLY)
before going to the project meeting tonight and get screwed
and be reminded of the RM200 sponsorship which we should get by next Monday
GOODNIGHT bloggie i missed you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


recycling photos again..
i'm so stressed nao! T.T

i thought my anger evaporated after vomiting it all out to two person. i grumbled i nagged i cursed but i still don't get why people can be so irresponsible, and why people can be so ignorant! you're all grown ups. 头没有这样大就不要偷别人的大帽子!! dunno how to do? LEARN, ASK! dunno what to do? LISTEN, ASK! no one is perfect and i never expected all the yous running in my head now to be perfect, but could you at least make an effort? AT YOUR AGE, I EXPECT MORE THAN THE LOUSY WORK AND ATTITUDE YOU GAVE.

the end


Sunday, April 22, 2012

life recently: food, fun, fellowship

i'm so busy enjoying myself these few days that i feel so lazy now T.T
(THURSDAY) finally in my whole life, i get to go for sushi king RM2 bonanza! lol
it was 8pm at night when we were having dinner that we decided to go for it
and waited for around an hour to get seated
and we were the last batch they accepted!!
nothing special, just a milestone for me
ahh, and some fat to my tummy T.T

on Friday. we went to Midvalley wanting to catch a movie
but seems like there was nothing nice on show, we changed our plans
Moo Cow, Snowflake and Teppanyaki
Moo Cow is super nice!! <3 max wuwuwu

 and this, is the change of plan!
we joined some others for bowling game! hehe
see the first round i got strike and spare!
then later no more, i kept masuk longkang
so down, but definitely a nice experience as well

that night after practicing for the 11th college indian night performance
7th college cultural night!!
it rained and you can in order not to disturb others by opening our umbrellas
we used their booklet to cover our heads lol
i think i am a bit culturally overdosed already @@

so there should be another collage on our Sunway Lagoon trip yesterday
but i am too lazy to look through the photos
and i should really start studying
because i have a super packed and stressful week ahead
see you =))

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

not much, not much =P

yo long time no see XD
i am back again to show you what i bought! =X
two skirts, one pair of hipster glasses with no glass, polka dot bra strap and two flower clips =D

i was in VERY SERIOUS dilemma when i saw the skirts because they are both so nice and really not that expensive, just RM70 for two, and the quality is really good!! but i felt like i was lacking self control! takkan every nice thing which is worth the price then i buy ma right? T.T. so i decided against it on the first day, but when we went to Queensbay for the second time, i succumbed to the skirts' calling, and i don't regret, yet.

if you're observant enough you'd notice that my glasses in the photo has no legs (i mean the thing you put on your ears) already. i bought it at RM5 from Daiso and wore it for fun for TWO days. and on the third day, i accidentally sat on it T.T and there goes my lovely cute specs. i was so sad and kept asking zhangqijian to take me to buy a new one, but never found one because we didn't go back to where we initially got it from T.T

and hee, the flower clips just to get the touristy feel =P

featuring my now spoilt specs. =(
i miss you badly!

 and one last thing
we got ourselves a camera!!
we had hard time deciding whether to get a digital cam or instax cam
and finally we settled down with this Samsung XD
it's not pro, not semi pro, just a normal, compact, digital camera
it processes photo a bit slowly
but for now i have no complain, because it has a front LED display! =D
perfectly fit for vain people like us! hehehe
what more it comes with a mini tripod =D

end of story today..
i should be doing my slides for presentation XD
see you soon!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

i was satisfied

there will be little words. i promise. XD
but first, these are the photos i said i will blog about.
edited some of the colours and contrast!
sea view at a seafood place
it was pretty and i have other photos but you'll get bored.


super got feel old houses near Xing Zhou Qiao



beautiful blue sky.

someone on my floor has exactly the same pair. sien ==.

touristy flower clip. =D

in a cake shop. =)

my favourite. =DD

end. ==
i think there will be maybe two more posts about penang..
one on dunno yet
another one on.. SHOPPING hahahahah
goodnight =)

Friday, April 13, 2012

of red dots, oil lamp and golden accessories. an Indian experience

it was the Malam Deepam in our college. just for your information, these projects are always going on, and these are what keep the students forever busy.

Expo night.

some Indian candies.
the yellow one tastes just like the Rabbit candy, but much more milkier.

and their musical instrument which looks like Pi Pa to me. XD

the Kolam is so beautiful!!
something i found out is that i am scared of too traditional things.
even lion dance. ==.

information on.. i dunno
i didn't even read =X haha

for the first time ever, i got a Henna. =D
and yes! i'm on Instagram now.
@melodybread! =DD
it's as addictive as Twitter was to me.
let's see how long this will last haha

our modern dance female crew all got one! heehee

 The modern dance crew of 8th college.
combination of a camera, tired bodies, and a lot of waiting time.
we were asked to perform for their cultural night!

as usual the BEFORE photo
my hair looks DRY now T.t

semi done.
i posted a photo on Facebook which gave a fright to a few people @@.

how how? got Indian feel? haha

nah. high class Indian. XD

before the performance!

and all our sweat, aches and effort were worth it
because i think we got the loudest applause of all performances that night
yeeha! and guess what!
we received invitation from 11th college to perform for their Malam Deepam as well

if you're interested, this is our video during practice. hehe
i dunno if it will be uploaded though
because at the moment i am typing this
it still does not appear

okay i am going to sleep.
byebye =D