Wednesday, April 18, 2012

not much, not much =P

yo long time no see XD
i am back again to show you what i bought! =X
two skirts, one pair of hipster glasses with no glass, polka dot bra strap and two flower clips =D

i was in VERY SERIOUS dilemma when i saw the skirts because they are both so nice and really not that expensive, just RM70 for two, and the quality is really good!! but i felt like i was lacking self control! takkan every nice thing which is worth the price then i buy ma right? T.T. so i decided against it on the first day, but when we went to Queensbay for the second time, i succumbed to the skirts' calling, and i don't regret, yet.

if you're observant enough you'd notice that my glasses in the photo has no legs (i mean the thing you put on your ears) already. i bought it at RM5 from Daiso and wore it for fun for TWO days. and on the third day, i accidentally sat on it T.T and there goes my lovely cute specs. i was so sad and kept asking zhangqijian to take me to buy a new one, but never found one because we didn't go back to where we initially got it from T.T

and hee, the flower clips just to get the touristy feel =P

featuring my now spoilt specs. =(
i miss you badly!

 and one last thing
we got ourselves a camera!!
we had hard time deciding whether to get a digital cam or instax cam
and finally we settled down with this Samsung XD
it's not pro, not semi pro, just a normal, compact, digital camera
it processes photo a bit slowly
but for now i have no complain, because it has a front LED display! =D
perfectly fit for vain people like us! hehehe
what more it comes with a mini tripod =D

end of story today..
i should be doing my slides for presentation XD
see you soon!

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