Monday, April 9, 2012

brace yourselves!

yo! i'm back to this small space of mine again T.T. if you don't already know, i spent my one week long mid sem break in butterworth *=))* and there are so many photos that it took me around one hour to transfer! bla bla, so  back to the point! to make life easier for myself, i will blog about the FOOD first! be ready, because they will surely rape your eyes, err, i take that back T.T. maybe not, but if they got you hungry, i'm sincerely sorry hehehe. 

THIS IS HEAVENLY. it's fish actually and the sauce was so good and everything was good T.T

THIS ALSO! i didn't get the name but it is cheese baked pasta just for your information!
super nice and not geli like most cheese items.

and and 
<3 AHH!

deep fried yam with sweet potato and nian gao, and pisang goreng.
the melted nian gao will flow out!!

Char Kueh Tiao with with with SUPER BIG EGG and the egg yolk was.. AHH T.T so xingfu can cry.

Kueh Tiao soup
i never liked kueh tiao but but but this is so nice T.T
if only warung's kueh tiao soup were also like this, =(

and dry version. also so nice.
nothing like anything we have in Kuching!

heard to be super famous Cendol.
indeed there were many people queuing up for it
and ate standing at the roadside!!
i like how their Ais Kacang or Cendol don't have so much syrup and shaved ice

zhangqijian's birthday cake number 1, in Neway

zhangqijian's birthday cake number two, in his house

heard again to be super famous Pork Leg
hehe me love the gravy..

Cendol again. LooLoo's.

i dunno if i mentioned before, but i never wanted to try other laksas while i am away from Kuching because i am afraid if they taste very bad or totally not like our laksa, i will miss it even more. that sounds a bit crazy, but this is MY PRINCIPLE of LIFE! lol lol. ahh i sidetracked again. BUT!! this laksa was good(!!), although it is different from our laksa. i wonder why do they name two different things with a same name, and zhangqijian came to a conclusion that all delicious food deserve to be called Laksa. what kind of sorcery is that i don't know, == but i accept that for now until i think of another better explanation lol.

whee.. see they even got peanut de i dunno why. XD

it tasted strange, T.T

it was in Seoul Garden for his birthday celebration.
the ice cream was soft and geli because i think it was not cold enough
but who cares, IT IS ICE CREAM!! so i enjoyed myself. == haha

cake number three.. Tiramisu again hehe but we were actually very very full already T.T

Roti Canai.

just because it was one of the days when we actually got to breakfast. haha

Yam Rice. with fishball/ meatball soup, and Curry Fish, which were both nice!

nah close up look. YAM WEIII!!

random sushi we had.

super fresh coconut juice by the roadside!
zhangqijian why you no save dao mine T.T

i hope these got you drooling XD

xingfu or not? =P. i finished them all!
hahaha, nola ==, but they were really nice!

and their version of Mee Jawa. different again dunno why == not one malaysia meh..

and just because this super got feel haha

tanghoon fishball soup..
i was craving for something hot hehe

miss nyam nyam?

found my childhood on the way back to KL.

that about sums up all the food i had last week.
there are more, but due to some reasons i didn't take photo
but you didn't miss out a lot, this post itself is long enough ==
thanks to my tour guide who tried best to let me try all the nice nice food
i might not give the response you wished (hahaha), but it's the thought that matters
thank you again =DD
next time when you come to Kuching it's my turn hehee
and this is what i call Le Ji Sheng Bei! now, tell me, HOW DIET? T.T.

it took me more than an hour for this post!! @@. you better reread 5 times to make my time worth. LOL LOL

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