Tuesday, April 10, 2012

on unfamiliar roads.

i am back again, before more and more things pile up and before i get too lazy.
the bus ticket to his hometown.
luckily the seats were spacious, so much bigger and more comfortable than airasia.
i didn't really get to sleep though on that ride which took almost 5 hours.

heehee, driver XD

on Penang bridge. i was so hyperactive that morning.
maybe it was the blueness of the sky and the sea
maybe it was the holiday mood
or maybe it was just.. never mind. haha
ok lah, it was him. oops T.T

but the sky memang pretty RIGHT?!

always wanted to capture the speed limit sign board
and finally caught one. but why 50km/h only. i don't like. haha

zhangqijian os: you not sien wan meh keep take ==

and again, Penang bridge at night.
so sien the motion made everything so blur because i was using a camera.. T.T

and on the way back to UM.
i love fluffy clouds
i want to sleep on clouds!!!

we came back in dashuai's car
just looking at the road ahead made me sleepy
it was like and endless drive going to nowhere
i wouldn't be able to drive like that @@
and and spot someone so hardworking studying in the car!

277km to KL.

okay. end of quite pointless post
the main things are actually photos number 3 and 4.
because i like them. haha.
i will try make the next post more interesting. see you!

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