Friday, April 13, 2012

of red dots, oil lamp and golden accessories. an Indian experience

it was the Malam Deepam in our college. just for your information, these projects are always going on, and these are what keep the students forever busy.

Expo night.

some Indian candies.
the yellow one tastes just like the Rabbit candy, but much more milkier.

and their musical instrument which looks like Pi Pa to me. XD

the Kolam is so beautiful!!
something i found out is that i am scared of too traditional things.
even lion dance. ==.

information on.. i dunno
i didn't even read =X haha

for the first time ever, i got a Henna. =D
and yes! i'm on Instagram now.
@melodybread! =DD
it's as addictive as Twitter was to me.
let's see how long this will last haha

our modern dance female crew all got one! heehee

 The modern dance crew of 8th college.
combination of a camera, tired bodies, and a lot of waiting time.
we were asked to perform for their cultural night!

as usual the BEFORE photo
my hair looks DRY now T.t

semi done.
i posted a photo on Facebook which gave a fright to a few people @@.

how how? got Indian feel? haha

nah. high class Indian. XD

before the performance!

and all our sweat, aches and effort were worth it
because i think we got the loudest applause of all performances that night
yeeha! and guess what!
we received invitation from 11th college to perform for their Malam Deepam as well

if you're interested, this is our video during practice. hehe
i dunno if it will be uploaded though
because at the moment i am typing this
it still does not appear

okay i am going to sleep.
byebye =D

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