Friday, April 27, 2012

i missed you.

it was really a long hectic week. and i can finally say i am officially able to breathe for the moment.
look at my deadlines and my Listening and Speaking in ESL Classroom's final test which is supposed to be on 24th of May is brought advance to today, yes, almost one month, and the lecturer told us only last week.

and my individual presentation which should be on last week
was postponed to yesterday.
hence, for this week, i had Grammar test on Tuesday
Philosophy test and Chamak Challo performance on Wednesday
L&S portfolio to submit and Individual Presentation for Teaching Prose on Thursday
and L&S final on Friday.
and hence, i have not been sleeping well since Tuesday night
the heat. the pressure. waa it's like the physics chapter on thermal conduction. ==
ahh, and not to forget there is charity work for a project tomorrow, so no xingfu sleeping time yet.
the weather few days ago was SO HOT I COULD DIE!!!

so i was so prepared for the presentation last week =.=
just had to take a photo so that my dress was not worn in vain
i wanted to be different ma!!
and for the presentation yesterday, i wore dull, formal attire ==

 sorry this post is not in chronological order haha
we were on the way to Sunway =D

had so much fun. got darker. enough said. XD

and to end my day in Sunway in the most perfect manner
Chocotop served me well =D

Celebration party for PKC!! heehee 

my i-forgot-what's-its-name food. XD

Mr. Actor Handsome Lee and Miss Usher XD

rasa demure and nice =P

while waiting for the rest and the food to arrive
we should go there again just to take photos! hehehe!
and no it was not coincidence we all wore black
it was the dressing code == lol

2nd time Indians. =)
this time we got to makeup for ourselves
and also got to wear something nicer -- Saree
but i have no photos taken as my battery was dying T.T

and look at these bangles!

sometimes, people fail to realize how lucky they are
it's the small small things that people tend to overlook
it's these small small things that matter. 

thanks for being my recycle bin
thanks for making me smile
although you were also equally if not more stressed than me.

yes i almost broke down because of stress T.T
and now i am going to have a nap (FINALLY)
before going to the project meeting tonight and get screwed
and be reminded of the RM200 sponsorship which we should get by next Monday
GOODNIGHT bloggie i missed you.

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