Sunday, April 22, 2012

life recently: food, fun, fellowship

i'm so busy enjoying myself these few days that i feel so lazy now T.T
(THURSDAY) finally in my whole life, i get to go for sushi king RM2 bonanza! lol
it was 8pm at night when we were having dinner that we decided to go for it
and waited for around an hour to get seated
and we were the last batch they accepted!!
nothing special, just a milestone for me
ahh, and some fat to my tummy T.T

on Friday. we went to Midvalley wanting to catch a movie
but seems like there was nothing nice on show, we changed our plans
Moo Cow, Snowflake and Teppanyaki
Moo Cow is super nice!! <3 max wuwuwu

 and this, is the change of plan!
we joined some others for bowling game! hehe
see the first round i got strike and spare!
then later no more, i kept masuk longkang
so down, but definitely a nice experience as well

that night after practicing for the 11th college indian night performance
7th college cultural night!!
it rained and you can in order not to disturb others by opening our umbrellas
we used their booklet to cover our heads lol
i think i am a bit culturally overdosed already @@

so there should be another collage on our Sunway Lagoon trip yesterday
but i am too lazy to look through the photos
and i should really start studying
because i have a super packed and stressful week ahead
see you =))

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