Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the day we became models XD

 so one day we went to Penang to look for LOOLOO! =DD 
for so long i've been a very loyal photographer *ahem*
that day, i stepped down and let other people take up the responsibility LOLLOL
our cute photographer of the day hehehe

we came here -- 姓周桥
now i know even a bridge has surname == hahaha
and and some scenes from Ice Kacang Puppy Love were shot here! XD 



haola, i got edit so that the sky and sea looks super blue XD
you don't expect that much from a phone camera ma T.T

old school.
my super cute hipster glasses, with no glass. haha

and these are from LooLoo's camera!
me like me like!


and i think this is also very cute for no specific reason

actually there are many other photos but i don't want to bore you hehehe
the next post will be about the photos I TOOK!!
byebye for now XDD

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