Thursday, April 12, 2012

we got our hearts broken one early morning =(

i would go back again to my midsem break some other days hehe

it was 5am in the morning
and that was a moon.
nice caption lol

for so long being in UM, finally i get to go for the super famous Curry Wantan Mee which sells out around 6am. i wasn't really that excited for it because it had been a tiring night, and i only got to sleep for around two hours. of course i know it's not really that tiring, i mean not being able to sleep, but i guess i am just not the type who would sacrifice my sleep for.. food. lol.

when we reached there, it seemed like most of the tables were occupied by 8th college tenants. lol

nah. the renowned curry wantan mee, with no wantan and no mee because the mee was finished. ==
and, i really don't see why it should gain the fame it has! T.T
it tasted just okay to me T.T T.T
i i i should have just slept!!

 and that was not the end!
Stesen berikutnya: Midvalley
Next Station: Midvalley
== lol it was around 630am in the morning.

and if you are wondering why on earth were we there so early
RM100 lehhh!
and there were 4 girls already there when we reached the front door of TOPSHOP

when we were all so hyped up because we were in the TOP10 list! wow wow wow!!

the house of beautiful but expensive clothes == lol

waiting, waiting and endless waiting

the triumphant look.

rasa pro brought book to kill time.
pattern dao sengaja turn the book upside down. XD

the line slowly grew so long

and you really cannot imagine how happy we were to be right in front of the shops
it made all the waiting and lack of sleep suddenly so worth it!

10 minutes before the reopening.
we could already see the staff walking around
looking so stylish

then it was THE MOMENT!!
a lady in charge asked us all to take out our F3 cards.
to think that we have been waiting since 6.30 and being so happy for 4 hours
they throw the bombshell that the vouchers were for their members ONLY
and WE GOT NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING
except for a broken heart. =(
it was really unfair. they never stated it in their poster.
who wouldn't feel cheated?
what more we were cut queue by this Indian uncle and another Obasan
they said it didn't matter because they are so old
old? SO?
i don't see that as a reason for cutting queue.
then how about the 2 people who lost their chance because of YOUR cutting queue?

so we went into the shop and looked around
then left Midvalley, disappointed.

end of story.

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