Friday, June 27, 2014

What a beautiful sky and some hair of mine

Am still trying to see it and to rejoice in each and every situation.
For the second time in my life, TGIF.
*the previous one was last week.
Ha. I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with a nice book and good sleep.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014


ha, when you get the chance to do something other than lesson plans
and when there is WiFi
ARGHHHHHHHHH *dance a crazy dance*

makes me happy enough. lol.

I don't wish to bore you
but my life is literally lesson plans after lesson plans.
yay, back to lesson planning. okay byee. haha

Monday, June 23, 2014

you never know what you've got till it's gone they said

true that. I'm about to leave the college to stay in Section 17 with Aivee
everything is good over there, except that there's no WiFi and to subscribe a package for that short (which would definitely seem like forever) period of time, it'll be too expensive and not worth it.
oh and also, there's no swimming pool.
ha, so here I am, blogging as if I have nothing else to do, I might not get to blog until, until, I don't know!

tomorrow, actually just a few hours later, the boyfriend is gonna drive home
and then a few more days later, fly to MY HOMETOWN (wth), for his internship.
and with no WiFi for me, no skype calls baby. =/.
haha, it's okay. you know, that quote with what absence, hearts and dearer or closer or whatever.

ANYWAY, today, he helped me move some things over to Aivee's and then we spent the day lazing together
didn't really know where to go so we drove to TTDI and foursquared for nice places

so we went to Kaffe Cafe

environment seemed good enough for me
price was reasonable too

it sure did feel good, sipping away and talking about, I dunno, anything
but mostly we were swiping away on our phones. lol.
next time I'll bring my book! next time. =/
I couldn't help feeling a bit torn again
because it's separation time again. I hate goodbyes.
I'm gonna miss the hand which holds mine
the shoulder that my head seems so familiar with
my favourite big hug, yes I love hugs
and.. him. T.T

lunch or brunch or whatever.
someone overslept his 12pm date with me, so this was 15:17. lol.

and guess who I bumped into.
oh I missed him, I miss Hope Kuching.

I dyed my hair a few tones darker.
I dunno, with all the advice given, I just don't wanna attract extra attention from the teachers in my school

ha. really seems a tad bit too bright for a teacher.

it seems everyone is equally if not more stressed than me regarding the practical
argh, we'll all survive this!!!!!
but all I'm thinking is to go travel somewhere during the Raya break, hahaha
or not. I might decide to sleep the whole week because practical is so brain draining
lol. okay, time to crash.
I officially start teaching tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

this is it.

I know dreading doesn't help
and all that fear and uncertainty has finally brought us to today.
my first day as a trainee teacher in SMJK Catholic

here's to a hopefully colourful 10 weeks.
when I look back and reflect, the tough times have all passed without me realizing
I know this will be challenging, I am not sure how capable I am
but I can do this, I might stumble I might cry I might get overwhelmed by stress
but someday I will look back again and be shocked it passed and I did it.

I am stronger than I believe. =).
a new friend from the one who never fails to make me smile

and who is equally good at getting onto my nerves. haha thank you love.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thailand travel diaries #5

 my first paper is on Monday and practical officially starts Wednesday
but I have decided to blog. you know what they all say..
all work and no play makes Melody a dull girl

when we were in Chiangmai, xiaojiu and xiaojiumu brought us cafe hopping, not really cafe hopping, but sight seeing at Nimman Soi which is greatly infested with cafes

most of the cafes were closed already at the time we arrived
so it gave us the chance to take photos at their exterior =D

my youngest cousin <3 p="">
this Librarista was still open but they didn't allow babies to go in one of the spaces so we left

but of course, not before we took lots and lots of photos. haha

Oinky's doppelganger (HAHA I finished The Vampire Diaries and I regret because now I'll have to wait till the next season comes out T.T)

we finally settled for this cafe with ultra cute decorations

I think somehow I look quite cute also. hahaha
but what's with the baked face.

noms. they have the conscience to charge that plate of fries at 60Baht. @@ 

introducing my brother Dongqi if you haven't already met him.
there were more but the air quality was so bad we decided to leave as soon as possible.
my shop. =D

Monday, June 9, 2014

Studying or ranting

I have a boyfriend.
Everyone finds him good.
My friends back at home, maybe even my family members who have met him before.
But there's a great difference between a good friend and a good boyfriend.
Countless times have I wished myself just his friend.
It's not always what meets the eye.
Must have been too good to be true.

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