Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thailand travel diaries #5

 my first paper is on Monday and practical officially starts Wednesday
but I have decided to blog. you know what they all say..
all work and no play makes Melody a dull girl

when we were in Chiangmai, xiaojiu and xiaojiumu brought us cafe hopping, not really cafe hopping, but sight seeing at Nimman Soi which is greatly infested with cafes

most of the cafes were closed already at the time we arrived
so it gave us the chance to take photos at their exterior =D

my youngest cousin <3 p="">
this Librarista was still open but they didn't allow babies to go in one of the spaces so we left

but of course, not before we took lots and lots of photos. haha

Oinky's doppelganger (HAHA I finished The Vampire Diaries and I regret because now I'll have to wait till the next season comes out T.T)

we finally settled for this cafe with ultra cute decorations

I think somehow I look quite cute also. hahaha
but what's with the baked face.

noms. they have the conscience to charge that plate of fries at 60Baht. @@ 

introducing my brother Dongqi if you haven't already met him.
there were more but the air quality was so bad we decided to leave as soon as possible.
my shop. =D

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