Friday, March 30, 2012

the awkward moment when you really find no suitable title for a pointless blog post.

hi morning, i just wanted to make my blog look a bit updated.
really nothing much to say. but see you all in around a week's time, wouldn't be around i guess?
if you see me, you'll see me, if not, then remember to miss me =P

this song successfully kicked Defying Gravity, Over the Rainbow and Sejahtera Malaysia out of my mind. =D. da tong da tong!!

bye =)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it ends tonight =)

whee to all! i'm finally here to blog about our choir competition. =)
i hope you missed me hehehe
before leaving my room for the long and tiring day.
before my face got ruined T.T
and that, is my dress for the night.
although many people said our costume was nice, i strongly think we looked super extravagant T.T
and i didn't like that. haha

so anyway, we were waiting for the makeup artist and the hairstylist to come
and it turned out the hairstylist was actually just there to do the guys' hair
hence, i suddenly had job to do.
YES, i did the hair for almost all the girls in the choir team
clap clap please XDD.

 after only foundation.
i really looked so pale, as white as.. A4 paper ==

a very very kekok me
i was super scared i'd look like ghost after makeup

and luckily 
i was right ==
memang cannot tahan T.T

photo of a random choir member
== haha.

our performance!! =DD
i actually thought we sounded quite good on stage
but the video proved me wrong haha
no regrets though, i gave my best, and i had fun =)
8th college YOSH!!!

while waiting for the results.. 
the tissue paper on my hand shows the makeup which i managed to wipe off while watching the other choir teams. it was really terrible T.T, my poor face!

and the only whole big group photo i have 
although i cant even find myself haha

we didn't manage to get any placing
but we acted like the champion
and very dowan face de bazhan de center of the DTC
i dunno what it meant to the others
but for me, it was an awesome experience
because i am awesome hahaha
nola, i could really feel something changing among us
and the atmosphere was something i enjoyed

hehe, tenor so cute =P
and we've got the handsomest pianist of all!!
(actually most have the teams had female pianist haha)

am i joining choir again the next sem?
i'm not sure yet.
let's see.. hee..

Saturday, March 24, 2012


is all I need.
and all I don't have.

Friday, March 23, 2012





Wednesday, March 21, 2012

secretly overloaded

ohayo =). this was on Saturday

Mr. boyfriend LOVES to make me fat T.T
haola, actually i know it's a way of pampering me, thank you =). hehe

and yesterday, leeweiqi xiaomeimei, Huiwen and I rushed to Midvalley after their 4pm classes, for Secret Recipe again! (because it's their 15th anniversary promotion, buy 3 get 1 free!) we didn't have another member as Huini and Chyemei had classes until 7.

since nothing to do.. 
i think this chandelier is spoilt. ==

yer. i really want to get a camera. =(

blogger in action. photos. photos. UNLIMITED PHOTOS.

and finally the long awaited food! 
Noodle in Tom Yum Goong! heehee i like the soup
definitely a good change for us who have warung food almost everyday!

Lasagna! it was yummy dummy =D

Chicken Cordon Bleu.
which was also not bad but the jagung was dry. don't like T.T

and and 
Fish and Chip!
which was totally a big failure.
the fish was so dry and hard
and ever the tartar sauce was a bit weird.
the best things on the plate were the fries and lemon!


after clearing up the food, we waved to the waitress for the menu.
which she heard as bill. and when we repeated ourselves, she was a bit taken aback
ahaha, but who cares. WE WANT NOM NOM CAKE!!
and i dunno why but it took them forever to bring our cakes to us.
so long that we began to wonder whether they went to cut the cakes or to make the cakes @@

the prettiest of all. Cappuccino Cheese Cake.
the uppermost layer was nice! it has this very strong vanilla fragrance!
somehow reminds me of the 2 layer chocolate cheese we made ah @AbbieKERORO but this was much nicer haha.

Chocolate Banana. whee..!

chocolate indulgence! heehee. chocolate can never be wrong.
in case chocolate got wrong one day, please refer to the above statement again.
it was heaven. almost. 

yoghurt cheese cake!
mmm.. it was the most appetizing of them all
maybe i never realized but i actually have this fetish for sour food.

this is what happened to the cappuccino cheesecake which we could NO LONGER stuff into ourselves.
(marred and mutilated and mashed )
i wonder if stuffed toys feel so stuffed like we did. if so it is surely a great suffer =(.

and when huiwen called the waitress again to take away a cake for someone's birthday
the waitress said: "satu lagi?!"
hahaha, maybe she didn't have the ! but it deserves one, really. omg omg.

not to forget.. some pictures of us..
we weren't really that ready for photos because we all looked tired.

but still, been there, done that! =D
we enjoyed the food, we enjoyed the fooling around.
not wrong to indulge ourselves once in a while. =P

here comes the frightening part.
purposely made it small small T.T

 and hehe. girls being girls. our eyes never stopped their wild search
should say we professionally scan every window of the shops
i finally got myself new earrings. from Cotton On.
and guess what! it was only RM5! hehehehehe
happy liao.

wouldn't be stepping into or putting my fork into another secret recipe for as long as i can.
i enjoyed. but my tummy definitely didn't. and also my brain. which is crying with guilt now. haha

WA YOU MAKAN BANYAK, something like that
okay end. lol. byebye XD

Saturday, March 17, 2012

good hair day =D

actually i haven't been having any bad hair day for a long long time already. because my hair is always tidy, even when i sleep with my hair wet. (very lansi. hahaha)

slept with two buns last night.
oh by the way the creature behind me is the weird roommate who leaves her keys here and there and sings religious songs loudly and who always brings her friends to come party when i am about to sleep and who doesn't seem to have a pendrive because she is forever borrowing mine and who looks like our modern dance coach and who always looks at the floor and whose prayer can last up to more than 30 minutes. wah i can't believe i just came out with a whole long paragraph on the things she does. maybe someday i can even make a blog post dedicated for her. sure i can == haha.

anyway let's forget the unpleasant distraction =X 
tadah! i woke up with wavy hair =DD
and i was so happy
but it, as usual, didn't last long. T.T

i'm finally done with tidying up my super messy table, clearing all the water i saved (TURNS OUT THE WATER IN THE TANK WAS ABLE TO SUSTAIN OUR 36HOURS T.T), and something i forgot what. and now, it's time to bathe, then dive myself into the pages of Things Fall Apart again, because i'm having a test on Monday!! byebye. ilovemyhair today =DD

Thursday, March 15, 2012

PKC 2012, done! =)

Pesta Kebudayaan Cina or PKC is one of the biggest project in our college.
i don't remember mentioning here that i am one of the committees, under the bureau of sponsorship
and to be frank, all i did was go to a donation drive and also to submit a donation card which exceeded the RM100 target. full stop. i failed to get any sponsors T.T
and i know very well i didn't try hard enough, now i hate myself T.T

enough said. let me show you the three days which includes the expo and the cultural night. =)
there were activities like calligraphy writing and WOW leeweiqi xiaomeimei got the first prize! =D
there was also lao sheng, spin the thingy (can i call it roda impian? haha), Chinese chess, count the tangyuan, wayang kulit and many others which i didn't take photos. XD

i personally like the photo in the middle on top
no feel meh? i think got =P


day 2 
cny feel got ma got ma? =D

the booth i was in charge of
memory game and the Qi Qiao Ban
zhangqijian managed to win a RM10 sushi voucher from me T.T
and and i managed to come out with one of the arrangements for qiqiaoban! hehehehe

lanterns =) 
simply because i like the colour of the lanterns + effect!

this is the night i bought my heels for as i was one of the ushers! XD 
make up artists in action.
i like my makeup artist, her eyes are so beautiful!! =O

TADADADA, the ushers!! 
i think i really spoil the picture =(
i look so huge beside them grr

i really should slim down, =(
but how? =((

and although i dunno who took this Y U NO catch good angle T.T
our legs look super short T.T 
me, and the main actor of our very successful drama =D
you got yourself a fan here oops heehee

Huini and I!
huini looks super nice with makeup on!


and with Huiwen, i think she looks better without makeup
maybe the makeup didn't suit her 
but still, hen mei arr! =D her cheongsam was super nice de shuo~ =D
and the winking pose which i can never do haha

baru realize i have no nice photo taken with weiqi O.O!

i love this! 
i think.. i think.. i think i can be a photographer liao! CAN? NO? heehee

with cute looloo. GongXiFaCai! =D

leeweiqi xiaomeimei whose makeup was the most successful for the night
and her bodyguard boyfriend XDD
ahh, he is tita's roommate hehe



a big big congratulations to the AJKs of PKC
i talk like i'm not one because
i really did so very little..
it was a great show.
i believe all the hard work was worth it

ps: looking good really needs sacrifice, it took us forever to remove the makeup, and, my feet hurt T.T. flats are girls all time best friends.