Thursday, March 15, 2012

PKC 2012, done! =)

Pesta Kebudayaan Cina or PKC is one of the biggest project in our college.
i don't remember mentioning here that i am one of the committees, under the bureau of sponsorship
and to be frank, all i did was go to a donation drive and also to submit a donation card which exceeded the RM100 target. full stop. i failed to get any sponsors T.T
and i know very well i didn't try hard enough, now i hate myself T.T

enough said. let me show you the three days which includes the expo and the cultural night. =)
there were activities like calligraphy writing and WOW leeweiqi xiaomeimei got the first prize! =D
there was also lao sheng, spin the thingy (can i call it roda impian? haha), Chinese chess, count the tangyuan, wayang kulit and many others which i didn't take photos. XD

i personally like the photo in the middle on top
no feel meh? i think got =P


day 2 
cny feel got ma got ma? =D

the booth i was in charge of
memory game and the Qi Qiao Ban
zhangqijian managed to win a RM10 sushi voucher from me T.T
and and i managed to come out with one of the arrangements for qiqiaoban! hehehehe

lanterns =) 
simply because i like the colour of the lanterns + effect!

this is the night i bought my heels for as i was one of the ushers! XD 
make up artists in action.
i like my makeup artist, her eyes are so beautiful!! =O

TADADADA, the ushers!! 
i think i really spoil the picture =(
i look so huge beside them grr

i really should slim down, =(
but how? =((

and although i dunno who took this Y U NO catch good angle T.T
our legs look super short T.T 
me, and the main actor of our very successful drama =D
you got yourself a fan here oops heehee

Huini and I!
huini looks super nice with makeup on!


and with Huiwen, i think she looks better without makeup
maybe the makeup didn't suit her 
but still, hen mei arr! =D her cheongsam was super nice de shuo~ =D
and the winking pose which i can never do haha

baru realize i have no nice photo taken with weiqi O.O!

i love this! 
i think.. i think.. i think i can be a photographer liao! CAN? NO? heehee

with cute looloo. GongXiFaCai! =D

leeweiqi xiaomeimei whose makeup was the most successful for the night
and her bodyguard boyfriend XDD
ahh, he is tita's roommate hehe



a big big congratulations to the AJKs of PKC
i talk like i'm not one because
i really did so very little..
it was a great show.
i believe all the hard work was worth it

ps: looking good really needs sacrifice, it took us forever to remove the makeup, and, my feet hurt T.T. flats are girls all time best friends.


Ibe said...

美美!!!! <3 =D

mOmO said...

xiexie! =DD