Monday, March 12, 2012

every single time!

as mentioned, we went shoe hunting!
for what? you'll see, very soon. hehe.

but first things first. FOOD. heehee
Gyoza which was ultra thin
(lol ultra thin sounds like the description for laurier or kotex oops sorry T.T)
i like the sauce, i think it has ginger inside but the ginger lost its ginger taste already @@

oh another addition to the previous post!
55. I enjoy eating plain rice with soy sauce. hee XD

leeweiqi xiaomeimei and i had the same order.
the tauge was so much that the rice couldn't be seen at all!

 not forgetting to indulge ourselves every time we come out.

our best donut ambassador. =P

me and the donut ambassador! #fangirl lol lol
the apple one was really nice =)
we shared 4 donuts between us
and i was so bloated i felt like vomiting =(
one of my best illustration of 乐极生悲 haha

mii nom nom.
mii miss Big Apple Alien.
hao wozhidao hen lame T.T

 and hee, girls being girls. T.T
no not me. i mean. not all are mine. only. one bag was mine. lol.
no combination can go even more wrong than ours;
we encourage each other to SHOP. =X!

 nahh. today's shopping trip: SUPA SUCCESSFUL! =D
got a pair of heels which i could wear for the *AHEM*, temporary secret.
and also for any zowuzobo presentation which will definitely come.
i somehow regret for not bringing my own here. why didn't i bring ha? ==

ehehe and a pair of slippers.
don't you think the colour and the polka dots are so cute? T.T
i'm in love. haha

okay that's all for today.
byebye goodnight XD

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