Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it ends tonight =)

whee to all! i'm finally here to blog about our choir competition. =)
i hope you missed me hehehe
before leaving my room for the long and tiring day.
before my face got ruined T.T
and that, is my dress for the night.
although many people said our costume was nice, i strongly think we looked super extravagant T.T
and i didn't like that. haha

so anyway, we were waiting for the makeup artist and the hairstylist to come
and it turned out the hairstylist was actually just there to do the guys' hair
hence, i suddenly had job to do.
YES, i did the hair for almost all the girls in the choir team
clap clap please XDD.

 after only foundation.
i really looked so pale, as white as.. A4 paper ==

a very very kekok me
i was super scared i'd look like ghost after makeup

and luckily 
i was right ==
memang cannot tahan T.T

photo of a random choir member
== haha.

our performance!! =DD
i actually thought we sounded quite good on stage
but the video proved me wrong haha
no regrets though, i gave my best, and i had fun =)
8th college YOSH!!!

while waiting for the results.. 
the tissue paper on my hand shows the makeup which i managed to wipe off while watching the other choir teams. it was really terrible T.T, my poor face!

and the only whole big group photo i have 
although i cant even find myself haha

we didn't manage to get any placing
but we acted like the champion
and very dowan face de bazhan de center of the DTC
i dunno what it meant to the others
but for me, it was an awesome experience
because i am awesome hahaha
nola, i could really feel something changing among us
and the atmosphere was something i enjoyed

hehe, tenor so cute =P
and we've got the handsomest pianist of all!!
(actually most have the teams had female pianist haha)

am i joining choir again the next sem?
i'm not sure yet.
let's see.. hee..

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