Thursday, April 17, 2014

I saw a cat

I saw a cat
it was walking
and then it suddenly decided to roll down the very slight slope
and then it just stayed lying there on the road
I wish I were a cat

thanks for reading. haha.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

my one week break

hi. whether I like it or not I have to admit I seem to have lost my passion for blogging
and also reading. other than the obvious sleepiness, internet is seriously messing up with my life
at times I mentally draw out my daily schedule but almost always fail achieving what I have planned because I spend too much time in front of my laptop or my phone, repeatedly looking at whatever crap I have already seen for the 2nd or 3rd time. need to stop, need to stop.

for this one week break I planned to sleep enough first for the first 2 days
then catch up with whoever I get to meet back here
and then devote the rest of my time to horrifying lesson plans
I obviously overestimated myself, I'm not even halfway through the first book
out of the 5 books I brought back. HAHA. thank MAS for 30kg luggage allowance.
current dilemma: whether or not to go for bangs
I'll get it, just when?
at home I have the appropriate scissors
but my fringe is already this long
so close to getting it long enough to be tucked behind my ears

girl problems.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

my first ever Chinese dance experience

I'm finally free... temporarily.
decided to indulge in some few days of rest before starting on the pending lesson plans and the upcoming forum. thank God things are postponed, but forum on week 8 did shock me. isn't it supposed to be on week 9? 
ugh, never mind.

so if you're one of my close friends you'd probably know I have something against the traditional things
and that I find Chinese dance very geli, I don't know why but I just can't accept soft, gentle, feminine movements
so although my friends have been joining the club since year 1, I kept my distance and watched from afar. lol.
it all changed last year when the coach choreographed a piece which was more contemporary
although they were disqualified, I found it very nice
but apparently, it wasn't Chinese dance. haha. just Chinese music.

I don't really know what happened the beginning the academic year, but I registered for Chinese dance as well
heaven knows how much of myself I have defied every single practice I went
as if not crazy enough, I actually joined choir as well
I dunno how I went through, but I made it.
with side effects of course, I am pretty zombified for the moment.

enough of description. had hard time deciding on the photos to include
our ending pose

the V-shape which took a lot of practice for us to go in the right position.

love from our beloved teacher, the chocolate muffin was heavenly, so heavenly.

dancing with props is never easy
meet Aivee my coursemate
I love their dance, she loves ours =D

for the VERY VERY first time ever, KK8 Chinese dance team became the champion
Huiwen and Weiqi cried, and I think I could feel them.
for 3 years, finally a perfect ending for their third year in the team.
if our choir emerged as the champion or even in top 3, I think I would've broken down as well
for me, it was a whole new experience
I dunno how I feel about Chinese dance now, but dancing sure is enjoyable
bonus is a slightly slimmer body and less flabby arms. =D

lovelies. =)

and the supporters. KINABALU AWESOME.

spot the three fans in the photo

my favourite shot. =D
washed my shoes, kept it away. I wouldn't get to wear it anymore