Tuesday, June 25, 2013

*throws confetti*

done with the 3 papers of the semester
done with second year
the second semester was pretty stressful and I'm glad it's over

oh. wait. there's the 1 credit hour course. not that over yet T__T

I had a good nap though =D

wishlist for this holiday:
tone up my body, I seriously wish to rock crop tops!!
earn money
read storybooks
get fair

lastly, work on my tolerance for shit some people never fail to give.
as if the whole world revolves around them

Monday, June 24, 2013

he can no longer see a dead crow

He saw a dead crow
in a drain
near the Post Office,
He saw an old man
gasping for air
And a baby barely able to breathe
In a crowded morning clinic
This land is so rich
Why should we suffer like this?
I want clean air
For my grandchildren
I want the damned fools
To leave the forest alone,
I want the trees to grow,
The rivers run free
And the earth covered with grass.
Let the politicians plan how 
we may live with dignity
Now and always

-A Samad Said-

but guess what, he can no longer see the dead crow anymore, because the haze is too thick, because the haze is so irritating that his eyes keep tearing and he can see nothing.


on a side note

I think...
with my mask on

I actually look like Dong Qi Kho.

Yes, no? 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

#05 just in time!

not really, just 17 minutes before the day ends =D
lazily flipped through my gallery
I still can't really forgive myself for losing all the old old photos

and suddenly I seem to have a lot of photos I wish to post
maybe I'll just continue this series of shoes because they really bring back so many lovely memories!
but right now, about 9 hours before my first final exam for the 2nd year 2nd sem
all I wanna do is go somewhere far far away and relax
preferably without the haze.

haih. cancel exam please? I need a lot of sleep.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


time flies, it's already day four, and exam is going to start like finally.
got a new pair of shoes which I will never have gotten in my whole life if not for today
greetings from Aeon One Utama's Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sampling promoter
who is currently sitting on her bed and soaking her legs in warm water
no I cannot risk my legs getting fat just because I stood for hours to earn some pocket money

oh. another step closer to a centipede. haha.

Friday, June 21, 2013


everyone is packing and going home
and I am 3 more papers, 4 working days, and 10 days away from home
the earlier buoyant feeling is replaced by sien-ness
lol. I wanna go home!!!
so this is THE pair of shoes which I can't seem to throw away
it has brought me around Kuching and KL
brought me to Guilin
and even overcame the jungle trekking in Kela camp which I very much dreaded
I thought after it got dirty after the camp I would've just chucked it out
but here it is still
standing proud beside all the other shoes of mine
thank you my stripey Rubi =D

oh, I have 9 pair of shoes here! hahahha
a step closer to being a centipede.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I almost forgot the challenge!! heehee *laziness kicks in again*
since it was shoes yesterday I thought might as well continue the whole challenge with shoes lol
I don't think I blogged about this but here's my RM10 shoes bought from Teluk Intan haha

the reason I love taking shoes photos is because to me, they signify a journey. every pair of my shoes have brought me to different places, and some, different phases of life. there is this one pair which I love so much that I just can't bring myself to throw away. is this because I'm being very faithful to my shoes? HAHA, or simply because the pair of shoes is really pretty?

I'm not sure.
I'm lost.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

tagged! #01

Accidentally got tagged while reading Tien Mie's blog
so here's my a photo a day for five days challenge =)
flipped through my gallery and found this
I used to love taking photos of shoes and this was one day when a few of us went playing badminton.
to my beloved one in red shoes:
22 is old, I thank God I'm forever 18. hahaha.
that wasn't the point. I love you ibeho, happy birthday.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 I find it really hard to settle down and study for the whole day so here I am again
plus I haven't actually been as active as I was in blogging
I don't know if it's the wifi or just me being lazy heehee

Mr Teoh suggested a date last Saturday
planned to watch After Earth since the trailer was kinda awesome
and to buy some fruits oh I can't wait to go home where there are plenty of fruits heehee

but guess what! 
yea we met Kim Jong Kook hahaha

I would've preferred it to be Lee Kwang Soo though hahahha

since we weren't there for him, we went for lunch 
my Mapo Tofu Don
that's not the real name but I think close enough
it was yummy but then tofu can never go wrong right? -___-

and this Miso Ramen actually has a longer name
it was BAD, very bad. haha

gyoza or something which tasted just normal

but what actually attracted us was this la, unlimited self service free ice cream!
my eyes brightened up at the notice outside the shop
oh it was Goku Raku Ramen haha

happy kid

giant pou

walked pass the Snowflake and found this decoration very cute!

and a cup of papaya banana milk before leaving

and maiii ootd
need more clothes
need more shoes
need more bags

After Earth wasn't as awesome as the trailer made it, I actually fell asleep at the beginning, which is a first for me hahaha. but overall the story was not bad.
I had two cones of icecream in Goku Raku Ramen, I thought I would've eaten more (I actually did since Mr Teoh didn't finish his second cone), but I was just too full (this contradicts my claim that icecream is not a food hence not filling haha)
I very geh-kiang go watermark my photos but you see how lazy I am when the pink heart disappears, it wasn't that pretty anyway

okay babai =D

Friday, June 14, 2013

TESLians @ Pangkor

Hi I'm back *sweeps imaginary dust*

so there was this trip to Pangkor on the 3rd to the 5th
still can't believe I only have 3 papers to sit for this semester, lol

I hate waiting, especially knowing that the sea and sand were less than an hour away

our chalet. I must say it deviated greatly from my imagination. haha

but still, so much better compared to the one in Kela camp last year.
at least there was air-con, although it was leaking whole night through haha

I think I have this special liking for flower canopies =D
I love Avril Lavigne but somehow she made me go damn damn damn at such beautiful sight ==

with corn! it was so nice Aivee and I just had to go back for another one.

I love the colours!!!

was bored so I edited colour into my eyes again XD 

personally I find this photo really pretty haha *thickfaced*

and I never knew my phone was capable of such shots! =D

a few of us instantly regretted not bringing our dresses and hats and whatever we wanted to bring
then I saw this dress in a convenience store for RM18
not wanting to spend so much, I finally chose this over banana boat, it can wait!!

actually missed out a lot of bonding time because of the desire to take ENDLESS photos
or maybe I just didn't want to socialize =S

OH YA! we saw blue tears/ some kind of microorganisms with blue light!

hi coursemates. =)
especially love Belle because she is cool. lol

and ahem, HORNBILL!!
you should really see them jump before taking off
it was quite hilarious because they look so clumsy
hahahaha hahaahaha the funny sight just came back to my mind

and on the last morning
it was actually quite boring seeing we were stuck at that beach and there was nothing much to see
heard from the locals they were just starting to develop

roomies. =)

and now I can proudly say:
I went snorkeling (but there was no fish), and didn't get cut by corals XD
I have finally been to a pulau, which is not Pulau Pinang, lol

there will be another blog post on all the photos we took haha

oh. swimming and beaches are the only places I don't mind getting tanned
beaches especially. 我爱海边!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thursday evening escape

right after the damned Language Learning and Language Use final exam, and the selling of donuts which didn't seem to help relief our fees for the Pangkor trip, we left to Penang. I was really looking forward to leave everything behind because I think the stress really snowballed and made me feel very down.

Melody Kho is feeling down. (LOL haven't tried this Facebook feature yet XD)

the bus ride took longer than usual, and I slept a lot.
saw these in my luggage after bathing.
didn't thank santa properly, but here goes
thanks baby, I love them, simple enough for me =D

it was a short trip, but we managed to go to this cafe that I've stumbled across in someone's blog heehee
by the sea cafe 沿海地带

and you can now see for yourself why I wanted so much to go there =D 
yes it's sand, real sand!

herstory of the cafe (because apparently the owners are ladies)

these are not just decorations

they are for sell!!this box costs only RM16
if it weren't so difficult to bring back to Kuching, I would had bought it!
so pweddie T.T

and I know mummy would love this!

I want a corner like this in my future home =D

and MANY other cute things

and now I can't wait for the Taiwan trip!!
was discussing about the hotel and all that and I'm getting excited again!!

our rum raisin crepe cake
reminds me of the tubs of rum raisin icecream daddy bought when we were younger
zhangqijian said got Aunty Anne on top haha

and rainbow sprinkles! =D

Ginger peach tea.

Didn't order Earl Grey Lavender because in the menu they spelled it as...
early grey. haha

I always say that I want a photographer boyfriend

I might complain a lot about how you take the ugliest photos of me
but still, thank you for being patient enough to even take the photos
and wait for me to capture the best angle of food until I am satisfied
before you can dig in, even when you are very hungry.
I appreciate that =D

Dimsum breakfast the next morning.

when Oinky still had his panda shirt on. too cute! XD

and here's Bravo again, where I visit every time I go to Penang. haha.
photo taken by zhangqijian's 4 years old nephew =D

since I don't know the names of the food, I shall leave it for you. haha
but I didn't realize the photos were THIS grainy. @@
need a new phone. (O.O)
NOLA, I love my SII very much. heehee

the cute Yee Hang who can never pay attention for more than 5 minutes haha

lastly, got infinity bracelets! wheee! =D

and I am really grateful for having at least a place which feels like home to go to. =)