Sunday, May 30, 2010

and finally i get the chance to blog again.
continuing the previous post!
of course i dun only paint my fingernails right?
my toenails oso kenak. =DDD. so happy after painting
however, i dislike painting my right hand
because i am right handed. i knt paint well using my left hand T.T

my legs are not multi coloured by the way. it's just the lighting. =DD

Thursday, May 27, 2010

the only good things of exam is that, my fingernails finally grow!
ohh yes. =D. good thing that prefects also have to sit for exam
good thing that prefects oso kiasu and care about their results.
so, yes, i got naughty! painting is ohh so fun. wheeeee!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


yes yes yes!
i declare exam over for meee.
who cares about pa?

i like watching taiwan shows, one of them is 女人我最大.
they tell me the latest trends, ways to make up (tho i dunno how, haha), ways to style my hair, and all the girly girly things u can imagine. ohh, and dieting ways. hahaha. that's terrific. XD.

long time ago, i watched it, and they were introducing a hair accesory, which can be stuck on the hair, they used it especially when making up and washing their face. i found it very cool, but u know la, malaysia. until recently then i found mine. not exactly like theirs, but the function is the same, so it's okay for me. here it is. red and white, so minnie. =P.
isn't it cute? =D. i got two for RM3.90.

the back part, if i knew it was made of this, i could've made one on my own. haha

but whatever, it's quite handy and i use it to stick back my fringe which is growing too long. should i cut it again?

ohh and i forgot to mention, it wouldn't spoil the shape of your hair like normal hair clips do. that's what makes it so good to use hehe

forgive me for my expressions. i forgot how to take photos. XD

i changed a shooting mode, nicer colour i think. =)

okay. that's all for today :). satisfied.. hahaha

Monday, May 24, 2010


tada! here i am again. =D. today's physics sure die le. so, chap xiao, blog arrrr!
hehehe. today, i'm gonna talk about heels, yes, high heels.

when i was younger, i always wondered why do adults like wearing high heels?
you know? they look so unstable and looked as if the person who wears it will sure fall down.

until this year, i bought a pair of white high heels, gosh, it took me ages to look for the type i wanted. so then, i started my journey with heels, i know it sounds funny, i'm edi 19 and i just got my first pair of heels.

my mum said i look like robot walking. haha. maybe. i never really walked properly i dunno why. then the heels, they do kill if u wear for too long. bla bla bla. but u know wat? i found out why people just LOVE to wear high heels!

walao, u see the legs look so much longer and thinner now lor, and of course taller la @@. high heels cheat people de. hahaha. so girls who wear high heels cheat others and cheat themselves at the same time. zi qi qi ren LOL.

camwhoring again =DD. i love myself. haha

Thursday, May 20, 2010

white flag T.T

okay. i know one day i'm sure gonna die due to my indiscipline.
but now's not the time to scold myself, XD.
guess what? i found out a way to fake short hair with my currently alang alang hair!

i've read from other people how they do it, and of course tried the same way, but i always failed, maybe my hair is more un-guai, or maybe it's just too alang alang, or maybe my hair is lousier, but whatever, i found my own way! and that's the best part. =DDD.

i was studying last night, yea, for chemistry, when i found something lying near me.
cheng cheng! here it goes

that's a i-dunno-what-name-or-what-you-call-it which my mum used to keep her curls in place, and which is not currently in use, obviously.

i toyed around with it, and finally!! here it goes. =D

i now have short hair!

(here is the before)

why do i bother to do so?

well, because my hair is in the process of growing long and i don't wanna tie it up always to protect my hair, if not it looks totally messy, and UGH i hate it.

now, to the steps, they're actually easy peasy:
1st. insert the longer part of your hair into the hole.
2nd. roll it upwards like how i showed with the whatever thingy.
3rd. secure the whole thing and stick the overlapped part beneath your shorter hair which now covers the bun.
4th. fluff your hair and make sure it looks more natural. then you are all set!

see. i wore my fake bob to school. =D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

self control please =X

here i am again. just let me indulge myself in one last post before studying full swing! =X

recently, i dunno why but my skin has turned from bad to worse
i see pimples, dried skin and etc etc
besides, i am getting so much darker (credits to smk st lasap)
so i decide to get my beauty back! (not to say that i am beautiful, but, u get wat i mean =P)

now, to share my beauty tips which i am sure will work as long as i persevere!
  1. drink lots and lots of water! i think i do it each day
  2. eat lots and lots of fruits, well i started by eating an orange yesterday and today
  3. get some vitamin supplements, mum made me have it this morning
  4. have sufficient sleep please ladies, which i am not doing by the way, exam mah. XD. whatever, remember the best time for your beauty sleep is between 11pm to 1am

ohh ya. and i applied cucumber to my eyes yesterday =D. i really do hope my face condition will improve, pray for me people! =D. okay. signing off

tata =)

bye bloggie

i'm gonna quit blogging.
no wayy. u just started.
gotta make up my mind.
i must quit before this blog becomes another addiction.
all the best lodee.
i mean for ur exam
i sincerely wish i wouldnt stop blogging after the exams again.
so passion, please oh please dun die!!!! =P

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a big F?

i'm a failure
i'm a loser
i'm lazy

i ever made a note to myself not to make this an emo blog
but apparently i failed
because this wil be one
that's so funny

ok la
after thinking over and over
i decide to finally leave the worries and negative emotion aside
because i'm young
i'm not gonna waste my precious time being a stupid emo
because i'm born to be happy
so why get sad

happiness is like perfume. you cant pour it on others without getting few drops of it on yourself.

some random quote i got from the girls toilet in smk st lasap XD, it sounds sth lidat, lols

Monday, May 17, 2010


if only i could control myself
how i wish i could
that way
i'll have enough time for my studies
that't just so dumb
once u on the computer
u type
u start opening tabs
tabs after tabs
without noticing
and hour is gone
then u start blogging
it's late at night
u go to your room wanting to study
ur eyes close
and u shut down for the day

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i believe

was studying while listening to the songs in my phone..
then it played God will make a way
i believe in everything i go through
He has a purpose for me
be it a lesson, be it a blessing behind a curse
anything, i believe there is a purpose.
because He is magnificient!
so, i will give thanks in all situation
and now's not the time for blogging!

back, back, BACK to study!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i call that cool

you know? it's kinda hard to remember the me years ago.
i simply loved blogging
i could log in to my blog every single day and write alot of crap
and i mean serious crappiness.
i type type type
type crap
i think crap
sometimes i can even have a few posts in a day.
and whenever my mind registers this point, i will go like OH MY GODD
was that really me
but that's the fact
i don't understand why people can wite tons and tons of things in their blog
but i guess i am going back again.
because here i am
typing crap once again, like the me i used to be
i guess


Friday, May 14, 2010

pondering.. :)

well, for those who know me (of course la, this blog is only for u people to read, xd)
u'll know i've always been saying that i love designing, i want to be a designer etc etc
and for some of u, you've probably saw the cards i made and etc etc.
but then. sometimes i come to think, am i really that into designing?
i think i am
but is it really a good choice for my future career?
and am i really able to cope with the work of designing?
am i able to come up with new ideas from time to time?
i am not so positive about that
but i guess i have to try before i really say yes or no, right?
lodee jiayou =))

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a question

why do people fall in love?
simple question
but who can really give an answer?
i cant

being in love
how is it like?
well. u feel loved.
how exactly is the feeling of being loved?
beats me. i duno.
maybe it's just the emotions which come together with it
happy; sad; angry; jealousy; worries.. wat more?
or maybe it's the sense of belonging
you found someone you can rely on
when you're weak, he is there for you
when you feel like crying, he is there to wipe your tears
when you are scared, again he appears to erase your fears
when the whole world is against you, he holds your hand and tell you it will all be okay
but is there really such love?
i mean, for human of course.
well, there might be, we never know.

but why oh why do people fall in love?
is love addictive?
i wished i knew.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dedicated to you my friends

yesterday, once again momo experienced the wonder of true friendship

maybe true friends are really like that, no matter what comes in between, bitter, sad, sweet or whatever taste you name it, the bond of friendship will gradually overcome it all.

i really do believe it isn't that easy at all to find a true friend.

however, i consider myself lucky as i have a few, whom i can really call them my true friends

i love them for being there for me no matter what happens
i love them for caring about me
and also loving me for who i am
i love them because in front of them i don't have to hide my feelings
in front of them i can totally be myself, the crazy me, the weak me, every side of me, i need not hide
thank you so much my friends.
mwahx! love and kisses from meeee =))).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


yoho people!
i've been trying. trying. trying and TRYING.
finally i see some difference.
yay. officially starting my fingersteps in this brand new blog of mine
oooh. i'm soooo excited.
haha. okay. gotta admit i have nth to say right now.
but ehem.
i sure wil keep this blog updated.

stay tuned