Friday, September 30, 2011

a brief summary!

hello hello, it’s the last day of September! which means I’m here for almost a month. at times i really feel like giving up on my blog since i will be flooding it with my everyday rants and food, my typical blogging style, which is, to me, very boring and repetitive. but well, after considering again, i think i am not so ready to say goodbye to my private corner yet. haha. so here i come again. lol.

in order not to make this too long, and because most of the photos are already posted up in facebook, so i made them into collages. one of the many wonders if meituxiuxiu haha.


so again, these are part of my crazy friends from 8th college!
8th!!! tasiya tasiya ho ra ho!
zumbagate, zumbagate!
ra ho ra ho! zumba zumba! HAIK!
dun go O.O yet, sorry that was just our cheers hahaha.
anyway, they are as crazy as me, if not crazier! hahahahaha

and now to the om nom nom


macaroon and fried chicken from a carnival
the rest are just food, just for the sake of filling up the tummy
can’t expect much here =(


and some of the things i’ve been doing here.
hanky doggies for Chinese community seniors!
Faris cina’s froggie plate, i’ll definitely buy one!! hehehe!
ohh he’s actually a chinese but he looks like faris, a Malay PM
hence, we call him Faris cina. hahahah.
and and Kak Inia’s ultrawoman!!

err and and and, don’t click the big X yet! still got me! haha


didn’t really take much self shot photos because although the camera is good, it is still hard for me to hold the phone, much fear of dropping it T.T.
aiti i am out of words.

and i have a senior junior interaction thingy to attend later on.
really such a waste of my time!
can’t they see it is already week 3 almost week 4
and we’re busy with ASSIGNMENTS hmmmm

ah, and another something before i leave to prepare.
i do miss home, but not the very scary kind of miss which will make me cry
i’m new here, i am still adapting but i think i’ll definitely love my college, forgetting about the fuss i made, because although we are poor in term of facilities, we have the best people here! yay!
hahaha. ok enough.

bye bye =)

Monday, September 26, 2011

the day of noodles

good day people! =)

that was me on top, obviously..
wearing my doraemon shirt, which caused a tiny bit of commotion in class
apparently, they're all too stressed and the sight of doraemon got them pretty excited.
haha, oops and that was already last week.

err. my lunch, which costed me RM2.00 
actually it's my Chinese birthday la hahaha
and in our house we have this tradition of eating noodles on the Chinese/ Lunar birthday
so yea.. haha
happy birthday to me =)).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

and we're all diagnosed with..

the oversensitive-to-camera syndrome! =X

senior Loo Loo, who is one year elder brought us out to have some fun so that we wouldn't die of boredom in University Malaya. actually, i think it's him who is going crazy because of stress, he was bouncing in the car to like a G6 lol, the bouncing continued until UM main gate came into his view, and, like a toy with the battery removed, he sat quietly.

so anyway, we first went to Murni, a shop in SS2 for some cheap western food, which was not so cheap for me considering it didn't really taste nice, but still i am happy to eat something which isn't malay food haha.
no photos taken because it was very dark i am never a fan of flash. ohh, i am using k810i again for the moment because of some long but useless story you wouldn't wanna know haha.

then after eating, they wanted to go to 1Utama! it changed pretty much since the last time i went, which is i think four years ago @@ lol.

big big mirrors everywhere in the toilet!! OMG i wanna bring it back!
my leg really bigger le i think =( thanks to level 3 T.T T.T

outside, where there was sort of a live hip hop concert of some people i dunno haha.

here comes the photo.

pardon us all wearing so sua ba lao.
we thought we were going to kolej 3 only wad! T.T

action banyak banyak these people!

and guess who we saw!!!!

very very...

very UGLY disney characters! haha
they had their own cameramen walking around taking photos for people and they said they'll upload the photos to their facebook page! wonder if we would be in? hahahhahah.

pool time!

loo loo's hands too short haha.

this is ah kit, he was sitting on the pool table cross legged but i was too slow to capture!

weng lam, this is his first time playing pool!!
a bit unbelievable haha but it is as true as the Earth is round haha.


loo loo and ah kit, how sweet! <3 haha

om nom nom it was yummy!

so happy mouth open very big haha

i like this photo very much cz you see how they blend in with the background colors! haha

okay end of today's shallow report =X

my day was fruitful in some ways and also otherwise in another way.

did the laundry
ironed the clothes
tidied up my study table
swept and wiped the floor
sorted out my wardrobe

no progress on group assignments
fml T.T
useless group members
why do i always meet this type of people!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

miss keroro =)

Dear miss Abbie Froggie! =D
happy fifteenth birthday to you, and happy two years old to little dongkey! =)
i miss you, sure i do.
it's the first time i left you all for so long
i still remember, before you came out, people asked if i wanted a sister or a brother, i said i wanted a sister. but when you grew slowly, i thought i was silly because my sister is such a gen pi chong and all the funny funny but bad names we called you =X haha. you were always known for your bad temper, strange behaviour and although we are the only siblings at home, i don't remember being very close to you except for tying your hair for you, haha. then as you grew up more and more, i dunno how but through constant bickering and grumbling together about mummy, we became so close that we're like friends (that's what i think la, hehe). but somehow i know you get mad at me, me too, at the way you treat people, there shouldn't be different standards for your friends and family de ma ><, but i wouldn't talk so much about it la i'm sure you've heard enough. you know how happy i was when i heard that you accepted Jesus? we were busy cleaning but i felt like jumping around and shout, that was always in my prayers, that you'll accept Him and let him change your life, to the better. i also heard from mummy that you're more obedient and open to her already, i'm really really so happy! maybe i should've left home early don't you think so =X hahaha. okay okay this is getting a bit lengthy and my mind is a bit jam now. so, hehe... Happy Birthday again! hope you enjoyed your day =). love you so much! xoxo.

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

did you miss me? XD

 i'm actually not that anxious to eat pork, i can live without meat.
but i seriously do miss home-cooked chinese food!
 hence, a big big thanks to dear wei qi's mother for preparing the lunch, sent all the way from Teluk Intan.
sincerely, thanks a lot, although you're not seeing it. XD

okay enough of food for the moment.......

 the latest me?
haha see the scary eye bags!
i haven't fully recover from the fatigues of the orientation week i guess =X
it's really a new experience, being SO TIRED
i never believed when people say how tired they could be
but i actually fell asleep, standing!!!!
not exaggerating T.T, that's how tired i could get
i'm not gonna outdo myself again t.t serious!

think i'm gonna close down my L.o.D.e.E studio when i'm away from home?

don't hope! hehhe, art lingers everywhere, in the air, in your breathe! was trying to sound very philosophic but fail die die t.t
revamping my otherwise dull and ugly study table.
forgot to take before pictures, but this took me almost 2 hours i think ><
all items were recycled items and whatever i found in my wallet haha
see i even got a recycle envelope, eco conscious leh? hohoho
even the shopping/ to-do-list is a used piece of paper
and and look a my stationery holder!
i made it out of mineral water bottle, toilet paper, rubber band and again, USED paper!
please be generous with your applause!!
okay thank you bye bye =))

Sunday, September 18, 2011

16.09. yesterday.

so yesterday it was the Malaysia day, a public holiday, well actually i don't have classes on Friday also la, haha so this holiday is a bit rugi for me, but never mind, main point is that Gao Mei and Agnes asked me out to Midvalley. but being the only one left since most of my new friends are back in hometown T.T, they took a taxi and came for me first, before going off to midvalley together.

me.. haha who else ? @@ the mirror is cracked and please ignore the messy background!
the lighting so de good i likeeee!

us in robinsons.
agnes permed her hair, gaomei is slimmer and slimmer dunno why and and look at my legs!
omg t.t i think the 3 flights of stairs have finally taken their toll on me t.t
and i am really really UPSET   =(.

lunch + dinner = linner
they said Rotiboy is a must have so we had it once we reached before meeting Fiona, Wei Cherng and another girl called Emma. then we had Linner in Chili's
they have this beautiful mosaic table
and their Mash Potato was to die for ! T.T.
and yes the other food were equally yummy omg
i was so bloated but so satisfied!
imagine, the six of us ordered just four entrees and we were all full!

then it was desserts time! (after a few hours of shopping and walking la haha)

beard papa's! the chocolate fondant which would have tasted so much nicer if chilled or hot, it was just lukewarm so i guess it did the thing no justice. and the cream puff. ahh, yummy, but to me it is a tad bit pricey because a vanilla puff was RM4.30 whereas the durian puff (remember or not? lazy to link liao, if you wanna see it again just go to my nom nom food tags and search for it haha) which was nice as well, costed only RM2.75. haha.

so anyway, enough of the food.
i don't wanna give you the idea that all i do in KL is eating. haha

 did some groceries
sorry i guess humans just can't leave without food eh? haha
the mushroom soup was on sales la!! RM5.89 for TWO packs wei! they usually cost about RM3.60 per pack lo ho!
sunblock which came with a free bottle, i dreadfully admit that i am really darker now and it's time to FIGHT THE SUN!!!
and.. hehehe. kinder!!!

okay that's all for now.
went to church today
met some very nice people and some funny people
especially one who is like Joshua Ho and Joel Voon combined together
haha and before i forget the very nice photos they have blessed me and my phone with...

okay. thanks for all the yucks and omg and hahaha and gay you just gave.
goodnight =) sweet dream =)) hahaha.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


lessons officially started yesterday. i think i am having very serious jet lag. i feel so behind
or maybe it's just my course mates, clever people are all around and i feel so inferior to them omg.
but no i wouldn't be beaten, because i am my own enemy and my ultimate goal is FIRST CLASS! jiayou!!

my timetable, yes i am pretty eng =P but the free times will be used to wash clothes and this and that
i have homework already!!!! t.t
struggling hard to write prettier words haha..
not cakar ayam la ho? xd

so back to the orientation week!! hahaha
i didn't take many pictures because i was too busy and too tired and i DOWAN MY PHONE KENAK RAMPAS == yea it really felt like a secondary school camp which lasted for a week except that there was no strenuous physical games, only mental torture and few hours of sleep. oh and smelly shirts, spicy food which you have to gobble up in a very short time, thank god i was never a slow eater, thank god i eat spicy food, thank god i bathe quickly, BUT! the spiciness which had to go into my tummy was too much for my body to tackle so i wasn't feeling that well the whole week, thank God it is over!!

 the hall full of freshmen from all colleges, here, we call the hostel colleges just in case you are confused.
we had caps and as the talks grew longer, you'll see more and more people wearing caps, until at one point, the emcee had to prohibit us from wearing caps inside the hall, haha. but it was not our fault right? everyone was too tired and when we had nothing else to do, we sleep! grrr.

 finally some acceptable food, you don't know how happy i was that morning, even if i forgot my spoon and had to use my hands to eat.

 showing you some slightly better food, the rest were just curry like food with big big chunks of meat
or fish with bones and prawns, yes, that's about it.
and during orientation week, everyone ate, just for the sake of eating
seriously there was no time to enjoy T.T

 this is a Malay i met who is very funny, friendly and greatly interested in Chinese
most important thing is that she actually speaks a bit of chinese, because she went to a chinese primary school. and there's another one from my course who speaks even better than some Chinese i know.

 inter-college netball match! i was literally bouncing with excitement while watching but the stupid cheerleaders kept on asking us to do the cheers which were very very annoying in my opinion. if i were the players i'd hope the audience just shout jiayou or shut up.
same thing happened while watching basketball, volleyball and handball matches.
stupid, not 醒目 de cheerleader.

 Yi Lin, a nice girl from Penang taking early childhood education.
she's a year elder because she retook her stpm and finally got into UM, i admire her perseverance and courage, really!

 err, this is Elle. she likes to show people a frowning face and i am kinda sick of that haha

 the screen was too small to show you how big was the audience.
my college mates are those with red cap
luckily they didn't decide to make it green. haha

 roti canai one morning!! again, it was very spicy t.t
even some of the malays complained.

 fan wei qi de wei qi, and ling su rong de ling su rong.
the other chinese on my floor, except for me.
weiqi is as crazy as me and easier to get along with, taking biochemistry.
and su rong is really clever! T.T she got 4.00 in stpm and is now a law student in the Law Fac. of UM, but she's a bit too serious so we don't really joke with her.

 that was actually the last night of the orientation week and look at the cute mascot!
he couldn't see anything as they said and how i wished he'd just lose balance and fall, hhahhaha
wouldn't it be dang funny to watch? lol.

and then, it was all over.
i'll miss fighting cheers with other colleges.
that's about the most memorable and enjoyable thing from the week-long enduring
but other than that, count me out. haha.

performance night/ Malam Memori Kinabalu, fyi kinabalu is our college's name, because it's on the hilltop. call me sang dang ngin. 山顶人 哈哈
before performance 
 see his hair, memang classic!
bestnya. @@ omg i'm sounding like them hahahha

on Sunday, seniors decided to bring us Chinese out to midvalley
we were so happy like it was our first time to come out of the kampung lidat @@

 lunch in Popeyes, which is like KFC haha. no it was not spicy anymore, just yummy. haha

 us in Sinma

 snowflake weihh!!!!

 really like sakai first time having snowflake, it was so biggggg!!!
like 3 iglools!!!! and it only cost RM6.50 iglool is like RM5! wawawa!

 hehehe, nice nice fruit tarts in a bakery.

 wahhhh! it was heaven even to look at t.t

and now. back to earth...

my dinner last night kns haha
ok bye bye gonna do homework. t.t