Sunday, November 24, 2013

wished I were a boy.

have I ever mentioned about the new cafe in campus?
I love the ambiance and the salad there =D
at least I get to eat something green!!
but despite my love for salad, I have been really moody lately, maybe because I haven't been eating ice-cream for long. haha.

nah, ice-cream is a big part of it, but stress definitely comes up second. =/
I enjoy the dances more and more but I can't wait for the whole thing to be over

1st, need to get my fringe back
2nd, assignments piling up, though it's mainly the result of my own procrastination
3rd, need rest, oversleeping so much I find it scary
4th, back pain, leg pain, pain every where, body needs rest!
5th, need sleep
6th, need sleep
7th, need sleep


oh, if you were wondering about the title, boys are less emotional. lol.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

the creepy thing named age

I remember earlier this semester when I was packing for Year 3, I told myself I would dress nicely to class. I wasn't aiming to look fancy and fluffy, but at least something decent and presentable.
but as time passes and activities and sleep get in my way, I forgot whatever I have told myself
and here's one of my very common outfits to class, with flip flops some more.
why? because there is practice at night and I don't wanna wash another set of clothes!

I didn't really find this change bothering until yesterday, a course mate of mine looked at me with 'sayang' eyes, or at least that is what I got from her look, and asked "Melody, are you very tired?"
I was kinda shocked because I didn't see that coming, and asked why?
She said oh, it's from the way you dress up, or dress down. T..T

once upon a time, a few course mates of mine would ask me where I got my clothes from
and now all I put on is some club T-shirt or activity T-shirt which I wear to sleep

yeaa, I got up from bed and rush to class in my pajamas.
I really need a change. T.T

and this, is my face NOW.
pimples, pores, cracked lips.
thank God I am still fair though, I have given up on sunblock because I rather catch another 5 minutes of sleep.

I guess all these show that I am not a good juggler of time, activities and personal ties. ==

two months back I looked so much more youthful and radiant T.T
 and most importantly, there were no pimples T...T

it's really time I make some changes
but I have hard time trying to sleep before 2pm now.
HELP!!! =/

Tuesday, November 19, 2013







Monday, November 18, 2013

Coffee Stain by Joseph @ Fahrenheit 88

being a professional stalker, of course I am familiar with the new places people go.
one fine day we decided to have a tai tai session to pamper ourselves since PT training is so tiring and we deserve to treat ourselves better (excuses, excuses everywhere!)
I love all these cute wooden, vintage stuffs.

Red Velvet =D
which I think was overpriced. because I could've gotten something better with that price :3

Huiwen's dark chocolate.

and Lily's mocha or something.
which was surprisingly the best, although I love chocolate as well. haha.

throwing back, how I wished there was Chocolate Obsession sample.
after 6 days as La Cremeria promoter, I think it is very possible that I had eaten close to a tub of samples
the Almond Pecan Praline is the best so far, oooooh, lovely.
and ahem, salary is coming in very soon =DD!

Friday, November 15, 2013

what have I brought upon myself? T.T

this blog is insanely taken over by FOOD, FOOD and FOOD.
how not to get fat laaa? =/
joined the Red Bull Monkey Run a few weeks back

with certain expectations, of course.
shit, fat. ==

you have no idea how nervous I was. hahaha

and off I went
and poof!! I fell. ==
the pain was excruciating all I wanted to do was lie there
imagine plunging down, with the momentum gained from the beginning of the rollers, with your body bent an inverted V shape. it really hurt and tears immediately came to my eyes @@.
when I stood up, I couldn't help but keep bending my body because that was about the only thing which made me feel better. T.T

rested for about 10 minutes, I mustered all my courage and stood in front of the evil rollers again
but I failed, and fell again. T.T. thank God this time I was no longer folded when I landed.
the dumb games at the side were about the only games I passed.
YAY, I could stand a numbed left hand for 40 seconds. ha. ha. ha.

the devil. I wasn't the only victim. actually most of the people got hurt at the rollers.

and I stupidly thought I could at least get to the Jumbo stage. T.T

and there. I paid RM10, got myself a new T-shirt, a bottle which I haven't got to use yet, a can of red bull, 4 tubes of Code 10 hair gel (who still uses hair gel? O.O it's 2013! lol), some shavers, and a hurt back/waist. T.T. things which were once so easy for me can barely be done without feeling the pain.

I know I sound so negative, but it has been weeks, and the pain is still there.
nonetheless, I would still go for it next year. hahhahaha.
yes, some people never learn. ==

plus, I had dessert to end the painful morning! I guess that more or less compensates for a little of my grief.

and yea, FOOD again. hahaha.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


a few days ago, I heard from someone (I sincerely forgot who GOSH I am getting old T.T)
that if you continue doing something for 21 days, it will become a habit.
so that's why I keep sleeping la? I have been doing so for the past 21 years. hahaha.

OKAY, SO, in view of my expanding waistline (/.\) and also for my health
I know I tried restricting myself to one treat per month, but I failed big time
let's just hope by totally saying no for 3 weeks, I can stand strong against this addiction of mine =(

bye loves. =(

gosh. GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Batu Pahat Day 3

fell asleep at 11pm, now I'm awake. ==
I'm finishing my Batu Pahat posts so that I can move on, but my life is quite unhappening at the moment T.T
breakfast was kindly brought home by Yihhai's friend who stayed with us throughout the trip: Lontong
WAIT what I typed up there actually indicates that Yihhai's friend is called Lontong hahahha

breakfast was Lontong, kindly brought home by Yihhai's friend who stayed with us throughout the trip
which is actually like ketupat, forgive me, I have never tried this before haha.

Laksa, which looks suspiciously similar to Sarawak Laksa at home
but of course, I was disappointed because it tasted nothing like my favourite breakfast. =(

if not mistaken, Yihhai's homegrown jambu with crushed 陈皮
I think we had more 陈皮 than the jambu lol.

and then it was goodbye to Yihhai's house

needed something sweet to soothe the weird sense of disappointment for not buying anything
not sure about you, but to me, traveling means seeing, shopping and eating.

and then there was this bowling session as if we don't get to play bowling in KL.
as usual, I striked and spared like no tomorrow. *Loki's ehehe*

LOL. nola. I sucked, as usual. hahaha.

you'd think the eating was gonna stop. 
but no, here's the internal body fluid of a cream puff

and a cheesecake which deceivingly looked very fluffy and puffy and whatever-fy

oh, otak otak roti. I kinda miss this!
it tasted like our KK gate burger, just that the patty is changed into soft and yummy otak otak.

the very yummy egg tart which Yihhai always brings back for us. =D

lunch was healthy soup and yam rice.

but me with my weird habits, I flattened it and there was no more air so it became very compact haha

there goes my 3 days 2 nights in Batu Pahat.
it was a crazy food marathon with nice friends and warm hospitality
I guess it also changed my perception thorwards life.
(forgive me please)

hahaha. no, not life. otak otak only.

goodnight. =)
it must be the lack of rest, because I burst out laughing at this ==.

okay. goodnight.

Friday, November 8, 2013

batu pahat decides to rest

so here's back to real time, shit it's already Friday. let's see how many UM students will actually say TGIF HAHA
so it seems my midsem break is about to end soon, but not before the PTUM training camp starts.
dancing is fun, sweating is fun, but there goes my weekend.
what have I done? finished my Language Assessment group assignment, but apparently, one group member has gone missing. HAHA. I am constantly amazed by how irresponsible some people can be.

dear Mr Sun, please decide whether you are here to stay
I am tired of spying on my clothes because you are playing hide and seek.
in case you didn't know, my clothes are loyal fans of yours. thank you.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Batu Pahat Day 2

before I get lazy again.. here comes day 2!
 super yummy breakfast prepared by Yihhai's mummy, I especially love her sambal I could eat it just like that!

and then...

 and were there for less than an hour, patient enough huh? XD


too cheesy up there, here's to hide my shyness lollol.
my Moon fan from Mr. Teoh! =D

then we drove past this beautiful place to a deserted beach, all I thought was DON'T WANNA GET TANNED!

lunch was the famous wantan mee, but the soup was so much nicer than the mee!!

hence no photos of the mee, but you can have a look at their newspaper clippings haha

and then.. AHEMMMM!! ICE! hohoho
Yihhai said we could give their mango ice a try
BUT all the fruity ice were out of stock!
major letdown /.\ 
nevertheless... red bean


chocolate banana ohoho


I am pretty biased when we are referring to something either cold or sweet
but this was really nice, should really have tried their mango one!
ohh, but... Mango Tango, I'm coming I'm coming! haha


Keroro porridge for dinner. the gravy was so tasty!!

 and then there was this deep fried nien gao which Huini misses so much

and ais kacang <3 p="">
otak otak!
I never loved otak otak because of the very fishy taste but this was so so good so I had quite a few!

barley lemon. barley honey lemon tasted even better!

cha kueh with sotong inside =O

 lastly, the padang with the pahat

 Batu Pahat : CHECKED! 


and I dunno what my boyfriend is doing ==