Friday, November 15, 2013

what have I brought upon myself? T.T

this blog is insanely taken over by FOOD, FOOD and FOOD.
how not to get fat laaa? =/
joined the Red Bull Monkey Run a few weeks back

with certain expectations, of course.
shit, fat. ==

you have no idea how nervous I was. hahaha

and off I went
and poof!! I fell. ==
the pain was excruciating all I wanted to do was lie there
imagine plunging down, with the momentum gained from the beginning of the rollers, with your body bent an inverted V shape. it really hurt and tears immediately came to my eyes @@.
when I stood up, I couldn't help but keep bending my body because that was about the only thing which made me feel better. T.T

rested for about 10 minutes, I mustered all my courage and stood in front of the evil rollers again
but I failed, and fell again. T.T. thank God this time I was no longer folded when I landed.
the dumb games at the side were about the only games I passed.
YAY, I could stand a numbed left hand for 40 seconds. ha. ha. ha.

the devil. I wasn't the only victim. actually most of the people got hurt at the rollers.

and I stupidly thought I could at least get to the Jumbo stage. T.T

and there. I paid RM10, got myself a new T-shirt, a bottle which I haven't got to use yet, a can of red bull, 4 tubes of Code 10 hair gel (who still uses hair gel? O.O it's 2013! lol), some shavers, and a hurt back/waist. T.T. things which were once so easy for me can barely be done without feeling the pain.

I know I sound so negative, but it has been weeks, and the pain is still there.
nonetheless, I would still go for it next year. hahhahaha.
yes, some people never learn. ==

plus, I had dessert to end the painful morning! I guess that more or less compensates for a little of my grief.

and yea, FOOD again. hahaha.

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