Thursday, November 21, 2013

the creepy thing named age

I remember earlier this semester when I was packing for Year 3, I told myself I would dress nicely to class. I wasn't aiming to look fancy and fluffy, but at least something decent and presentable.
but as time passes and activities and sleep get in my way, I forgot whatever I have told myself
and here's one of my very common outfits to class, with flip flops some more.
why? because there is practice at night and I don't wanna wash another set of clothes!

I didn't really find this change bothering until yesterday, a course mate of mine looked at me with 'sayang' eyes, or at least that is what I got from her look, and asked "Melody, are you very tired?"
I was kinda shocked because I didn't see that coming, and asked why?
She said oh, it's from the way you dress up, or dress down. T..T

once upon a time, a few course mates of mine would ask me where I got my clothes from
and now all I put on is some club T-shirt or activity T-shirt which I wear to sleep

yeaa, I got up from bed and rush to class in my pajamas.
I really need a change. T.T

and this, is my face NOW.
pimples, pores, cracked lips.
thank God I am still fair though, I have given up on sunblock because I rather catch another 5 minutes of sleep.

I guess all these show that I am not a good juggler of time, activities and personal ties. ==

two months back I looked so much more youthful and radiant T.T
 and most importantly, there were no pimples T...T

it's really time I make some changes
but I have hard time trying to sleep before 2pm now.
HELP!!! =/

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