Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Batu Pahat Day 2

before I get lazy again.. here comes day 2!
 super yummy breakfast prepared by Yihhai's mummy, I especially love her sambal I could eat it just like that!

and then...

 and were there for less than an hour, patient enough huh? XD


too cheesy up there, here's to hide my shyness lollol.
my Moon fan from Mr. Teoh! =D

then we drove past this beautiful place to a deserted beach, all I thought was DON'T WANNA GET TANNED!

lunch was the famous wantan mee, but the soup was so much nicer than the mee!!

hence no photos of the mee, but you can have a look at their newspaper clippings haha

and then.. AHEMMMM!! ICE! hohoho
Yihhai said we could give their mango ice a try
BUT all the fruity ice were out of stock!
major letdown /.\ 
nevertheless... red bean


chocolate banana ohoho


I am pretty biased when we are referring to something either cold or sweet
but this was really nice, should really have tried their mango one!
ohh, but... Mango Tango, I'm coming I'm coming! haha


Keroro porridge for dinner. the gravy was so tasty!!

 and then there was this deep fried nien gao which Huini misses so much

and ais kacang <3 p="">
otak otak!
I never loved otak otak because of the very fishy taste but this was so so good so I had quite a few!

barley lemon. barley honey lemon tasted even better!

cha kueh with sotong inside =O

 lastly, the padang with the pahat

 Batu Pahat : CHECKED! 


and I dunno what my boyfriend is doing ==

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