Sunday, November 10, 2013

Batu Pahat Day 3

fell asleep at 11pm, now I'm awake. ==
I'm finishing my Batu Pahat posts so that I can move on, but my life is quite unhappening at the moment T.T
breakfast was kindly brought home by Yihhai's friend who stayed with us throughout the trip: Lontong
WAIT what I typed up there actually indicates that Yihhai's friend is called Lontong hahahha

breakfast was Lontong, kindly brought home by Yihhai's friend who stayed with us throughout the trip
which is actually like ketupat, forgive me, I have never tried this before haha.

Laksa, which looks suspiciously similar to Sarawak Laksa at home
but of course, I was disappointed because it tasted nothing like my favourite breakfast. =(

if not mistaken, Yihhai's homegrown jambu with crushed 陈皮
I think we had more 陈皮 than the jambu lol.

and then it was goodbye to Yihhai's house

needed something sweet to soothe the weird sense of disappointment for not buying anything
not sure about you, but to me, traveling means seeing, shopping and eating.

and then there was this bowling session as if we don't get to play bowling in KL.
as usual, I striked and spared like no tomorrow. *Loki's ehehe*

LOL. nola. I sucked, as usual. hahaha.

you'd think the eating was gonna stop. 
but no, here's the internal body fluid of a cream puff

and a cheesecake which deceivingly looked very fluffy and puffy and whatever-fy

oh, otak otak roti. I kinda miss this!
it tasted like our KK gate burger, just that the patty is changed into soft and yummy otak otak.

the very yummy egg tart which Yihhai always brings back for us. =D

lunch was healthy soup and yam rice.

but me with my weird habits, I flattened it and there was no more air so it became very compact haha

there goes my 3 days 2 nights in Batu Pahat.
it was a crazy food marathon with nice friends and warm hospitality
I guess it also changed my perception thorwards life.
(forgive me please)

hahaha. no, not life. otak otak only.

goodnight. =)
it must be the lack of rest, because I burst out laughing at this ==.

okay. goodnight.

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