Saturday, April 30, 2011



我刚刚看到你的部落格。可是你知道吗?早上的信息,还有你的部落格,都让我看得一头雾水。到底是发生什么事情?我并不觉得我们的友情有了什么改变,更不知道你说的跟别人诉苦。我没什么苦跟别人诉,我上线也只是为了要找你啊。之前,你刚刚到新加坡的时候,我们每天每天都MSN,还有拍了那些疯狂好笑的照片,还有互看肚子,真的很好笑。只是,慢慢的,我们都变得比较忙,直到开始上课了,我才发现,things are really going to be different. You're starting off another chapter of your life over there, and coming back wouldn't be so frequent already. You're back to school when we are still here waiting, i feel happy that you are so lucky to have met a good boss and so on, and i know that you're going to be busy, we might not contact so much and might not have the same topic and things like that, 可是我没有伤心,因为这是一定会发生的,因为我们都长大了啊,但我相信我们的友情不是那么的脆弱啊。我如果有心事,也一定会告诉你还有ibeho,因为你们就真的像是我的家人那样了。不是说吗?好朋友不是在一起就有聊不完的话题,好朋友在一起可以什么都不说但不觉得尴尬,好朋友是把你看透了还能喜欢你的人。说实在的,我真的觉得你误会了,我不知道到底发生了什么,不过一定是个很大很大的误会!而且,不要说什么真正的好朋友之类的,因为对我来说,你们两个都一样是我最好的朋友阿!我还想继续做你的好朋友,你的女儿,陪你一起伤心,难过,开心,疯狂的。所以,拜托拜托,有什么事就说出来,一起解决嘛!不要再自己憋住自己受的,我的耳朵开着的!Mama I Love You! =)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

day out with cousins!

teacher melody.
after school. no time to bathe
so i only got change.

why the rush?
because i have a date with my cousins
to Pizza Hut! =D
because they have this 50% promotion going on

ivan's whatever fizz XD
because i am still coughing
i ordered mushroom soup instead of pizza =(
haha like having mango smoothie will cure my cough lidat ><
froggie ordered cheese baked rice
forgot to take the photo and everyone dug in already!! T.T
the whatever double cheese stuffed pizza
yea it sounded tempting
and like i said
it SOUNDED tempting
it was so not very attracting
because the cheese din kan si. nbm if u dun get me

forks ready!
this crazy frog.
*bing bing*
show off like she made it lidat haha
a quarter left after 15 minutes
and this is how we have the pizza!
we finish the middle part
and leave the cheese til the last!
example 1
example 2
example 3

i tried not to be choosy
and picked up one small olive to smell
and when i got the smell
i immediately gave up
who wants to eat rubber? T.T

the last photo of the day.
ze latest way to have your medicine!

and as we were leaving
we just settled our butts in the car seat
and saw a parking attendant walk past
that was when yobee realized that
and we were there for almost an hour
who else could be so lucky?

then after mum came for us in yobee's house
i was driving and we heard a "dub dub dub" sound
then mum asked "could it be a puncture?"
i answered "maybe, because i have to pedal so hard baru the car accelerate, i was gonna say move faster but i figured accelerate is a better terminology since i was a physics student for 1.5 years haha okay sorry crap again"
then i was commanded to drive as fast as i could to the nearest tyre shop
and parked right in front of their shop
they looked around and found nothing wrong with our tyre!!
the sound came from a flap which got loose
and they helped us fix it back
for free!
then they kept on smiling
wah so friendly
but we were embarrassed to death! T.T

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


i lived a big 19 years of my life without knowing my blood type
until when i went to a blood test few weeks ago
it's B+. no wonder stpm only one A LOL
why did i go for the test?
because of the bruises which always appear out of nowhere since my Guilin trip =(
yes it's still continuing. =(((
okay stop!

it's only my 25th day in SJK Chung Hua No 6
and see what i got!
my sticker names made when i was in Form 5 are now replaced by my students' sticker names
i dunno why they like sticker names so much they even made sticker names for me haha

and a teddy bear key chain
felt kinda bad because when the girl came to my seat and passed it to me
i couldn't remember which class she was from ><
bopian who ask her too quiet T.T
now i truly know why teachers remember the naughty kids more

giroro toy.
she saw my tamama hung on my pencil case
and sister's keroro on her handphone
the next day she brought me this giroro and forced me to keep it. ><

stars from primary 3 kids.
there are more
but i was lazy to dig out from my bag which is so very messy
they were so sweet
they came up one by one to give me haha

and the tupperware container
it was initially full of candies
from a student in my art club
i didn't even teach her class lol

the one piece sticker name a kid made for me.
he saw that i had one piece stickers on my calculator.
he asked for my number but i didn't give
so i guess 0168590911 is his number @@ haha

thank God it was a holiday yesterday
so i got to rest
am feeling much better
do i look pale up there? ><
don't worry it was just the sunlight HAHAHA

and i spent half my night doing these
i think i am the best teacher ever oops thick skinned haha
come one la my teacher wouldn't help me make these stupid yarn balls T.T
and because of these 3 balls
i earned myself another bruise on my finger!

Sunday, April 24, 2011



Friday, April 22, 2011

we learn new things everyday, everywhere

xiao ba wang's buns.
no no i din have all la =P
civic centre to learn parking
dad and mum stood in that pondok and laughed at me T.T
afternoon tea with gaomei and ibeho in delizze.

biscuit cake. sinfully yummy T.T
potato salad.
nais T.T
chocolate vanilla swiss roll.
surprisingly nice!
fruit tart!
ibeho and gaomei's ice blended chocolate
sausage salad.
my cappucino.
see the heart shape =DD
cute hor!
actually i edited it ==
the original one was plain t.t

not much pictures taken due to overexposure
but still had to take a photo to show that
we were there lol
aku dengan gaomei.
sien i so not pretty T.T
we talked a lot.
everyone got their own life stories
we shared ours.
there were happy memories
sad stories
frustrating parts
and funny flashbacks
i learned to be even more appreciative of what i have
at the times when i felt so sorry for myself
and pitied for myself
never did i think that there were other people suffering
over things even more serious than mine
i'm glad i always have someone i can tell my worries and heartaches
i'm glad i'm cheerful enough to move on when stuck in deep shit
i'm glad i am me, normal, but always so lucky
seeing the best out of the worst is a key to stay happy =)
ahh, thanks again to everyone who painted my with the most beautiful colours!

**mama kuai dian hui lai liao la miss hanging out with you le la**
**i dunno what happened on top of the second photo where the words got underlined T.T**

Thursday, April 21, 2011

movie marathon

because the satellite has an english movie channel
i spent my Sunday afternoon at home sitting in front of the tv.

the first movie.
what a girl wants.
i wouldn't go to the synopsis here.
but it's mainly about family and love.
ohh and finding answers.
i cried watching i dunno why.
i'm not the type who'd cry watching movies =O
second movie: home alone four
who could hate that kid with those big innocent eyes? T.t
A Cinderella Story
and i found out that
and i kinda miss hilary duff's songs!

okay i know the movies and the songs in this post are all out of date
but that's me
always working behind time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

L.o.D.e.E. studio

if i say i miss my long fringe again
for sure i'll kenak scold because that is what i always repeat
and make sure no one forgets HAHA
so here i go again
WALAO i regret cutting my hair!
anyway, i'll reveal to you one of my many dreams here.
i had always been wanting to have a shop of my own.
look carefully and also the numbers ah! =)
my shop ma.
the name is of course..
L.o.D.e.E. studio lo =D
corner 2
a small piece of wall with my life photos
and a box for the magazines i read!
of course my customers can read if they want to!
corner 3
another smaller piece of wall
where i display all my handmade cards
inside mail boxes!!
for sale of course
corner 4
yes manicure pedicure corner!
the wallpaper sho sho cute =P
and the sofa must be very comfortable
and see that cupboard!
it'll be full of nice nice colours!
corner 5
a piece of wall
for the clothes
maybe i'll design them or maybe not.
but they'll definitely be my own taste
so that if my business isn't good
at least they are still what i will want to wear! =D
corner 6
accesories. shoes. bags.
like above, they'll be of my choice!
the fitting room
must be very very cute
even the mirrors also very action XD
so that my customers feel happy and i see liao oso song! haha
actually i had these drawn last year
and the only girl classmate i had, said
Cheh u call this your dream
mamagonggong ==
at least i have a picture of what i want
and i'm sure this shop will be what many girls out there want
everything single thing a girl likes is inside!
and i'm proud of it
even if it's just a dream
i'll try make it come true.