Tuesday, April 26, 2011


i lived a big 19 years of my life without knowing my blood type
until when i went to a blood test few weeks ago
it's B+. no wonder stpm only one A LOL
why did i go for the test?
because of the bruises which always appear out of nowhere since my Guilin trip =(
yes it's still continuing. =(((
okay stop!

it's only my 25th day in SJK Chung Hua No 6
and see what i got!
my sticker names made when i was in Form 5 are now replaced by my students' sticker names
i dunno why they like sticker names so much they even made sticker names for me haha

and a teddy bear key chain
felt kinda bad because when the girl came to my seat and passed it to me
i couldn't remember which class she was from ><
bopian who ask her too quiet T.T
now i truly know why teachers remember the naughty kids more

giroro toy.
she saw my tamama hung on my pencil case
and sister's keroro on her handphone
the next day she brought me this giroro and forced me to keep it. ><

stars from primary 3 kids.
there are more
but i was lazy to dig out from my bag which is so very messy
they were so sweet
they came up one by one to give me haha

and the tupperware container
it was initially full of candies
from a student in my art club
i didn't even teach her class lol

the one piece sticker name a kid made for me.
he saw that i had one piece stickers on my calculator.
he asked for my number but i didn't give
so i guess 0168590911 is his number @@ haha

thank God it was a holiday yesterday
so i got to rest
am feeling much better
do i look pale up there? ><
don't worry it was just the sunlight HAHAHA

and i spent half my night doing these
i think i am the best teacher ever oops thick skinned haha
come one la my teacher wouldn't help me make these stupid yarn balls T.T
and because of these 3 balls
i earned myself another bruise on my finger!

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