Tuesday, April 19, 2011

L.o.D.e.E. studio

if i say i miss my long fringe again
for sure i'll kenak scold because that is what i always repeat
and make sure no one forgets HAHA
so here i go again
WALAO i regret cutting my hair!
anyway, i'll reveal to you one of my many dreams here.
i had always been wanting to have a shop of my own.
look carefully and also the numbers ah! =)
my shop ma.
the name is of course..
L.o.D.e.E. studio lo =D
corner 2
a small piece of wall with my life photos
and a box for the magazines i read!
of course my customers can read if they want to!
corner 3
another smaller piece of wall
where i display all my handmade cards
inside mail boxes!!
for sale of course
corner 4
yes manicure pedicure corner!
the wallpaper sho sho cute =P
and the sofa must be very comfortable
and see that cupboard!
it'll be full of nice nice colours!
corner 5
a piece of wall
for the clothes
maybe i'll design them or maybe not.
but they'll definitely be my own taste
so that if my business isn't good
at least they are still what i will want to wear! =D
corner 6
accesories. shoes. bags.
like above, they'll be of my choice!
the fitting room
must be very very cute
even the mirrors also very action XD
so that my customers feel happy and i see liao oso song! haha
actually i had these drawn last year
and the only girl classmate i had, said
Cheh u call this your dream
mamagonggong ==
at least i have a picture of what i want
and i'm sure this shop will be what many girls out there want
everything single thing a girl likes is inside!
and i'm proud of it
even if it's just a dream
i'll try make it come true.


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