Saturday, April 2, 2011

nice afternoon =D

since being a teacher gives me more free time
we had an outing this afternoon
to celebrate ibeho's coming back from China LOL LOL
and also the disapperance of her emoness hahaha

show off long purse.
i always wanted to change a purse.
i mean those with wordings and so on should be left for primary school kids not me XD
but i always gave up because i'll end up having no money to put into the purse if i bought it T.T
but finally i saw mine! 14RMB! wohh!!
we went to somewhere in jalan song for luch break.
andi forgot the name =X
ibeho's honeydew milk
my papaya milk. HAHAHHHA!
my satay noodle
ibe's orange chicken shop!
sorry it's chicken rice last night i fell asleep while blogging @@
and jian jiao!! XD
then ibeho got hungry again so she ordered chong you mian XD
after the meal we walked opposite to one jaya.
and saw these!
and these!
and these!!

cute hor =((
tada! we bought these
and macaron! =DD
haha she so happy
i so lovey dovey @@
kiss =P
si gong kia haha
jess ho's chopper shirt!
T.T i dunhav
we suddenly realized that
we looked
old T.T
act young still dun k haha
ta da!
asked ibeho help me buy de legging/ stocking XD
and makeup bag ahhaha
i know i just bought one tat day T.T
@Muilin! fast come back liao. if not we out always no u. =(((

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