Thursday, April 14, 2011

one malaysia dinner

firstly, let me proudly introduce to you my new blog header!
took me like one hour to finish the whole thing lo!
because of stupid keniu i had to crop myself out 3 times til i was so fed up looking at myself HAHA joking how will i ever get fed up LOL
and also thanks to photoscape i forgot where to add in the cute stuffs T.T
why i suddenly wanted to change my header?
because day before yesterday i very eng then i tried changing for frog
and it turned out not bad
here if u wanna see haha
then i start itchy itchy heart and FORCED ibeho help me take a PHOTOS for my new header yesterday hehehe.
ya her header also changed but she did it herself!
with KENIU everyone can be pro nao! lol

back to my topic.
why was ibeho in my house during a weekday?
because i asked her to teman me go one malaysia dinner in dewan masyarakat.
both wore like teacher.
gelik. hahaha.
the tickets!
i got two because obviously no teachers wanna go waste time.
now i oso got this tupperware bottle!
everyone is using it! @@
and of course i tore off the ugly sticker. lol.
so the dinner wasn't as bad i mean at least no one went to talk crap
but the food were pure salty lol hello NaCl.
and the dancers are kinda poor so they had no money to buy cloth to make decent clothes HAHA
and LOL i shook hand with the Xue Hua Dong. he think he jay chou meh T.T LOL
and i saw my primary school teachers!
i dunno if they still remember me.
but i remember them leh! UNFAIR lol.
anyway. i should be sleeping. hahaha

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