Monday, April 4, 2011

very very full!

i've been feeling very full recently.
you know the feeling of never being hungry?
that's me T.T
yesterday, we went to Dalai and had this pizza!
was nice but i was very full i din really enjoy it =(
the day before!
LG meeting in causeway bay.
but i think i haven been taking spicy food for long
and it was a bit spicy for me.
i was so hot!!!
and the drinks i must order when going to causeway bay.
Almond Tea! =DD
dun understand why many people cant accept it haha.
and yesterday.
i did my final submission for UPU. =(
i dunno why so small but if you're interested to see u can click the image to enlarge XD
i so kind translate to english kok!
i'll leave everything to Him
who provides everything.
now i feel
no more kintio =DD

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