Sunday, October 31, 2010

i love to waste time :)

i had nothing to do yesterday, so i decided i was going to tidy up my room
i saw my nail colours berselerak
hence i decided to find a new box to keep them inside
tambahan i got another seven colours now because of my birthday gifts!

so i found this box, initially for my 5300.
after almost an hour... plane view
side view
3D view. XD
nice or not? hehehe.
i used ribbons
recycled paper
that bling bling is from grandma shop
now my nail colours got new house lo!
they sure so happy hahaha

Friday, October 29, 2010


i did a post about editing before and my eyes were too fake right?
so yesterday i got too boring i went to paint and drew two empty slits just to practice eyes.
XD. i even added lashes for these eyes but they are not on human so i dunno if they look fake or not but i think the blue eye is better. wahaha.
attempted on myself. okay so i edited even my nose. HAHAHA i know i over edited lah. but look at the eyes!! i got improve RIGHT!!!!
BEFORE hahaha
nahhhh. praise me? =DD lol
my piano teacher actually asked me to sit for the trinity piano test instead of abrsm omg it is like rain after a 7 years drought arhh! less scales NO THIRD APART NO SIX APART tell me how much better this can get? WOHHHOOOOOOOO. and most importantly i will change my exam pieces so goodbye hateful stupid C6! =DD

Thursday, October 28, 2010

i dreamed a dream

last night i had a dream. it was a very weird dream. if you ask me how weird i also don't know how to tell you, it is just so dang weird.

so in my dream, i was in a big house, with me, my mum, jay chou and hai fen.

jay chou
hai fen, i circled her head just in case some of you might not know her.
so i was in a house with them, and i dunno who but someone mentioned that jay and haifen were getting married. oh, and we were watching tv. i was sitting with my mum at a two seater, haifen was sitting alone on a long chair and looking straight at the tv, she didn't talk, she just looked straight with a smelly face. meanwhile jay was also staring at the tv, he didn't have that smelly face, he just looked cool.

then my mum asked me why i let go. LOL. then i said even the floor tiles is what haifen likes, he asked me before what i like but now it is HER choice not MINE so what for i keep dragging. LOL WEI SO IN MY DREAM I WAS EVER JAY CHOU'S GF!

then mum said it is good that i am able to think that way. the next scene i was shaking jay chou punya hand. haha. it was soft i remember. SWT. and i even told him i will be your best friend. double triple quadruple SWT!!

the next scene. i was washing plates in that house.

then, i woke up.

i dunno what went wrong. i never at all thought of being jay's gf, i mean yes i like his songs but who wants to be his gf? i dowan T.T why not let me dream that i am hongki's girlfriend? T.T

anyway i dreamt about hongki before HAHAHA he came to my house for a party and he looked at me shyly. omygosh. T.T but it ended just like that. =(.

lalala i think that's all for today. lastly a photo of jay and haifen, see me so good help them take photo hahahaha and a jay chou song i like recently. that'salltata.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bili bala bili bala

things i hate about being a girl:
1. mc pain
2. mc pain
3. mc pain
4. mc pain
5. mc pain
6. mc pain
7. mc pain
8. mc pain
9. lol, mc pain again
10. there are many more la, but i am not in the mood to complain so much today
11. why?
12. mc pain la LOL

the part below is for my dearest cousin 1386tiong77
kelian de cousin, seen your blog and also your statuses in facebook
my mum and i both feel sad for you
why don't you come back?
maybe the weather there just does not suit you
come back and you can even learn cooking instead
i'm pretty sure you'll make a good cook =)
although we don't always contact, i still read your blog from time to time
i miss you arrrrr
come back la if you can, don't suffer there..
even dong qi misses you ah! =P

Monday, October 25, 2010

wOw XD

got the fake lashes from mama but never tried using them until just now.

1st: with fake lashes, i know you cant see well but my fringe is getting too long so i am sorry XD
2nd: nah pin up can see liao XD, ahh, i added some make up if not it will look weird
3rd: heehee i dunno wat to say
4th: then i removed the fake lashes omg == i dunno why but it just looks different HOR?
ohh and by the way, my screen saver now is hongki oppa XD

Friday, October 22, 2010

i am an agent!

no idea of what to write
but i just wanted to write something
recently i am playing another game on facebook
called star fever agency
so i am an agent
and i just signed my third star
i dun play using my own milopeng facebook of course
because it is literally dead
the game is laggy and lame
but so far
i am addicted
will be back for more
i got sth i desperately wanted to post about but i forgot what

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i am blogging


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

yellow =)

cute Jeremy who is most popular with children is yellow
so that's why i like him?
because i am a kid!
so innocent
lai sayang sayang
nom nom nom!
dun peng please
i know the quality bad and the model not nice and the yellow not yellow enough
but who cares
lee hong ki is really so cute
when can i stop this obsession?

i got double eyelid now!
ya i only took one side of my eye because the other one was weird
haha, guess how i did it? yaya, i used eyelash glue
wahaha, i can also have big eyes now!
that's all for today
so let's listen to jeremy's song to end today's post XD

the mv is cute! trust me wahaha

Friday, October 15, 2010

of pimples

i must admit i used to be quite proud of my skin
of course i mean the skin on my face not my legs hahaha
you know why?
because i had very little problems with my face
unlike other friends who had to worry about pimple, oil and so on
my very first pimple was when i was in form 2 i remember
but wow it was big
on my nose
and it was gross
luckily my friends taught me to squeeze it
after that pimple
my face remained quite okay still
but once in a while i see pimples especially around my nose
then i dunno starting from when
my face condition started to worsen
T.T really!
i had pimples
this and that
and my nose got so dry that i could peel off the skin
but it was oily!
and from my nose, my pimple map moved to my chin, then my cheek, then my forehead, then now they are all around my brows!!!!!!!
if they were on my forehead at least i can still cover up using my fringe ma
but now
maybe you cant see from my photos
because i din take so near ma!
but i'm sure u can see scars on my face

fyi i haven been red bean masking for long
because I AM LAZY!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i'm lazy


Pengajian Am: 63
Chemistry: 45
Mathematics: 27
Physics: 41

MUET: 76

but my chemistry and maths remained the same
will update when i feel like it

Monday, October 11, 2010


this morning
i saw a bag on my table when i reached school
this is another birthday present
from who?
from my lovely mama!

two nail colour
fake eye lashes
eye lash glue
black suspension dress

and mOmO card
it was so cute
so so cute
see my mOmO
cute o not!!!
thank you mama
and your barney song
mosaic eye cz juling

thanks again
photo session was short
i look weird

btw for good luck
the next three months
all sheep should dye their hair purple or red
and they should have short hair
longest to the shoulder
how can i dye my hair?
but hair accesories will do too
and use gold and yellow make up
and no fringe

eh come on la
reli ma?

i need luck bo

Thursday, October 7, 2010


happy birthday =D
this cake has no candle
it writes
happy birthday DMDB
what's that?
daddy mummy dee dee bee bee
but they missed out another D
donkey felt left out
i love you all =)

and thanks another kawan for introducing this song
i like this better

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

happy birthday to me =)

this morning =D
yesterday haha
yesterday too. not important, first one is important nia, cz it's my first photo of 19 years old! @@
and of course below are also important photos XD

my first birthday present of the year
from my dearest carmen kho
i got it last tuesday!
thanks so much yobee!
second, from my dearest froggie sister!
she's so cute
she bought these long long time ago
i dunno where she hid them
and when we were in kl she still pretended to ask me if these colours were nice
cute o not!!!
i love u keroro mei mei haha
see this card
isn't it cute?
look at that donkey!
i love it
and most importantly
with tons of xim and love from my lovely friends
the love was so much it overloaded
the big big drawing block thingy is a photo album
there are tons and tons of photos inside which i know i will definitely miss the times inside
and that cd, it's a video
i watched three times le
the third time, i really cried, i dunno why
but i am so touched
i am so lucky to have all my lovely friends
how many people really can find true friends?
i guess i am one of the lucky ones
thank God
thanks for blessing me with these lovely good and special friends
i love and appreciate them so much!
to return the favour, i made ribbons again
with the ribbon they gave me
this time i used U-pin
hope it will be of better quality
friends forever my friends
realized that when we grow up
birthdays are not so important
presents are not what we wish
well, at least for me it is so
i removed my birthday from fb info
so i guess
those who wished me happy birthday
they really do remember
and i appreciate that
so very much!
i love my friends
they are the best things that happened to me during my school years
thanks for being my friends
thanks for letting me know you
mwahx to all!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


i'm so screwed
i couldn't finish chemistry in time
it was so hard even the organic part i had to crack my head
i need serious rest and brain juice

btw. if anyone comes across me online with my melody_milopeng email whether is msn or facebook, take note, that's not me

another good news, i should be free from this psycho very soon

i guess

and i hope


Monday, October 4, 2010

away it ran, my nose ran away!!!

did you know that running nose doesn't only happen when you're cold or having flu, it happens even if you are very hot!!
i did not know that until today
i slept for three hours in a room without air con or even the exhaust fan
but i woke up having a running nose
lol lol
i guess that's all for now

nice song btw
i bet you'll like it too!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

P for peace

yesterday, we went to St Thomas' church
they were to pray for the exam students
at first, i was reluctant because we had to across, not that it was far, but then it was hot, and it seemed kinda meaningless, mainly because to me, many other lasapians will be going and it will be a mess
whatever i was thinking, still i had to go
it was the first time i went to this church
when i went in, i felt goosebumps
i dunno why but the place just gave me a holy feeling
i cannot explain with words
and the session started
amazingly, i felt peace in me
and when we were back, i was surprised
because a few other of my friends also felt the same
i dunno why i wrote this
i just felt like sharing