Wednesday, October 6, 2010

happy birthday to me =)

this morning =D
yesterday haha
yesterday too. not important, first one is important nia, cz it's my first photo of 19 years old! @@
and of course below are also important photos XD

my first birthday present of the year
from my dearest carmen kho
i got it last tuesday!
thanks so much yobee!
second, from my dearest froggie sister!
she's so cute
she bought these long long time ago
i dunno where she hid them
and when we were in kl she still pretended to ask me if these colours were nice
cute o not!!!
i love u keroro mei mei haha
see this card
isn't it cute?
look at that donkey!
i love it
and most importantly
with tons of xim and love from my lovely friends
the love was so much it overloaded
the big big drawing block thingy is a photo album
there are tons and tons of photos inside which i know i will definitely miss the times inside
and that cd, it's a video
i watched three times le
the third time, i really cried, i dunno why
but i am so touched
i am so lucky to have all my lovely friends
how many people really can find true friends?
i guess i am one of the lucky ones
thank God
thanks for blessing me with these lovely good and special friends
i love and appreciate them so much!
to return the favour, i made ribbons again
with the ribbon they gave me
this time i used U-pin
hope it will be of better quality
friends forever my friends
realized that when we grow up
birthdays are not so important
presents are not what we wish
well, at least for me it is so
i removed my birthday from fb info
so i guess
those who wished me happy birthday
they really do remember
and i appreciate that
so very much!
i love my friends
they are the best things that happened to me during my school years
thanks for being my friends
thanks for letting me know you
mwahx to all!

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