Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bili bala bili bala

things i hate about being a girl:
1. mc pain
2. mc pain
3. mc pain
4. mc pain
5. mc pain
6. mc pain
7. mc pain
8. mc pain
9. lol, mc pain again
10. there are many more la, but i am not in the mood to complain so much today
11. why?
12. mc pain la LOL

the part below is for my dearest cousin 1386tiong77
kelian de cousin, seen your blog and also your statuses in facebook
my mum and i both feel sad for you
why don't you come back?
maybe the weather there just does not suit you
come back and you can even learn cooking instead
i'm pretty sure you'll make a good cook =)
although we don't always contact, i still read your blog from time to time
i miss you arrrrr
come back la if you can, don't suffer there..
even dong qi misses you ah! =P

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