Friday, October 15, 2010

of pimples

i must admit i used to be quite proud of my skin
of course i mean the skin on my face not my legs hahaha
you know why?
because i had very little problems with my face
unlike other friends who had to worry about pimple, oil and so on
my very first pimple was when i was in form 2 i remember
but wow it was big
on my nose
and it was gross
luckily my friends taught me to squeeze it
after that pimple
my face remained quite okay still
but once in a while i see pimples especially around my nose
then i dunno starting from when
my face condition started to worsen
T.T really!
i had pimples
this and that
and my nose got so dry that i could peel off the skin
but it was oily!
and from my nose, my pimple map moved to my chin, then my cheek, then my forehead, then now they are all around my brows!!!!!!!
if they were on my forehead at least i can still cover up using my fringe ma
but now
maybe you cant see from my photos
because i din take so near ma!
but i'm sure u can see scars on my face

fyi i haven been red bean masking for long
because I AM LAZY!

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