Thursday, October 28, 2010

i dreamed a dream

last night i had a dream. it was a very weird dream. if you ask me how weird i also don't know how to tell you, it is just so dang weird.

so in my dream, i was in a big house, with me, my mum, jay chou and hai fen.

jay chou
hai fen, i circled her head just in case some of you might not know her.
so i was in a house with them, and i dunno who but someone mentioned that jay and haifen were getting married. oh, and we were watching tv. i was sitting with my mum at a two seater, haifen was sitting alone on a long chair and looking straight at the tv, she didn't talk, she just looked straight with a smelly face. meanwhile jay was also staring at the tv, he didn't have that smelly face, he just looked cool.

then my mum asked me why i let go. LOL. then i said even the floor tiles is what haifen likes, he asked me before what i like but now it is HER choice not MINE so what for i keep dragging. LOL WEI SO IN MY DREAM I WAS EVER JAY CHOU'S GF!

then mum said it is good that i am able to think that way. the next scene i was shaking jay chou punya hand. haha. it was soft i remember. SWT. and i even told him i will be your best friend. double triple quadruple SWT!!

the next scene. i was washing plates in that house.

then, i woke up.

i dunno what went wrong. i never at all thought of being jay's gf, i mean yes i like his songs but who wants to be his gf? i dowan T.T why not let me dream that i am hongki's girlfriend? T.T

anyway i dreamt about hongki before HAHAHA he came to my house for a party and he looked at me shyly. omygosh. T.T but it ended just like that. =(.

lalala i think that's all for today. lastly a photo of jay and haifen, see me so good help them take photo hahahaha and a jay chou song i like recently. that'salltata.

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