Monday, August 30, 2010

grant me powerRRR!

i'm so vain i never forget to take photos even when i am studying =D. took when i was studying for freaking physics paper 1.

donkey also wants to study. =D. for a brighter future i guess haha
and this is so cool. made in malaysia
just a short update for my results
chemistry: 45 marks, glad that i passed but i failed my paper two =(. teacher says she expects higher
muet: 79. haha at least something helps me @@ but it is not a stpm paper what for i get so happy ==

it's time i start study for mock two =(

Saturday, August 28, 2010

soi dao pit =D

i must be the soi-est person on earth
at least i think so
first: i was having my first mock but i never had the mood to study (this is not soi la, just lazy)
second: my freaking period came during exam, i have serious stomachaches (but haha luckily it was still bearable this time, i did not have medicine WOW)
third: after my maths paper one i had a terrible headache, causing me unable to study for physics T.T soi o not?
fourth: some psycho called to quarrel on the night before maths paper 2 wtf T.T

whatever, the test is over i should let myself relax

JEREMY u are so cute! T.T
if he sang this song to me, i'll melt =(

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


hello! i'm here to introduce a Korean series!
yes you're right, korean!
i'm not exactly a fan of korean series, nor do i like korea
no offense, i prefer japan. =)
i am hooked!

that guy is really so cute
and the other one
i'm falling T.T
but something funny is, the leading actor is so ugly
i don't like him

the poster, they are A N Jell
shin woo! he's so charming T.T
shin woo and jeremy! he's so cute!
T.T cute die!
angel! wahhhhhhhh
and shin woo is only 21!
jeremy is 20!!!!!
i'm falling
down down down down

watch this too T.T
jeremyyy T.T

Sunday, August 22, 2010

my immortal

why my immortal?
because i'm in love with vampires again?
it's just the song i'm listening now.
does anyone still remember evanescence?
well i almost forgot her
until i saw a video clip and that song just somehow brought back some memories
yes.. my immortal.. so nice!
but it gives me a sad feeling
just listen to it
hope u enjoy =)

there she is.
her songs are so emo but i like them!

i will be back for more updates
it's still exam time!!! @@

Saturday, August 14, 2010

wan mahlaesiah

just a short update as before i bury myself into the heavy load of books and stress
fyi it's the first mock next week and i am still here, not getting any further in my studies =(
so what is wan mahlaesiah
read faster please
yes i mean ONE MALAYSIA
mum showed me a small piece of news in the newspaper
it said a headmaster was accused for being racist
he said chinese and indians should tie up their fringes
if they don't do show it shows that they have no respect for our fellow malays
just because they have to tudung up their head doesnt mean we have to follow suit
and whatever
that headmaster also said he wants to send chinese back to China
and indians back to India
and this reminds me of my teacher miss DJ as i mentioned in my post which should be titled smk st lasap which sadly had no title because my title bar was gone lol lol
i wished i could shout out to her


except that i am just a poor student and i will never win against that motor mouth of hers i think she got 100000 horse power =((.

that's all for now
as i said
i'll be back in, i dunno? two weeks time if i can stand it =D
till then, bye

reminder: have my hair cut! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, em, maybe hehe

just plainly being VAIN

just a photo post
had nth to do one day
so i started taking photos again
nail polish
and hell-OOOOOOOO
my fringe is so long!!!

my colourful nails =)
nails again XD
found my specs just near me
do i look like me here?
haha i dun think so ><
well to be honest
i wanted to take photos where the LOLLIPOP is the main character
but i failed
so there is only one with the lollipop
so i had to edit it just so that it stands out

maths was hard
my brain is cracking open
see my brain juice leaking
i can go even more disgusting
but i guess i'll just be nice

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


please don't be frightened
these are what i got when i attempted rihanna's look
my makeup skills are pure lousy
i dunno. i just don't look right

yeah i know, they're tragic
so i guess this is another stupid emo photo post again!

see, i applied so much black/ dark colour to my face haha
personally i think this is the best among all three
and this is scary! and yucky. but i don't care XD upload nia bah!

that's all. haha. just a short post with crap. and of course, self absorbed photos. hey i spent lots of time in this sohai makeup! T.T

btw, this blog nearly got found out. T.T i must be more careful now..

Sunday, August 8, 2010


the Gemini =).

firstly. i have to say i am quite hurt. i might not know what is going on and what you are going through. but you never tell, how can you be so sure that it cannot be solved? do you feel better by hiding it all inside and taking it all on your own? you might find me irritating, but the reason i keep on asking is because i am worried! you can snap at me, fine, i don't mind. but at least let me know, whenever you need an ear, i'll be ready to listen. just remember this.

my two best friends are both Geminis. and i found something interesting.

Best Match For Gemini is Libra

These tow signs have much in common with a twinge of contrast to make the relationship spark. They make an ideal partnership with both favoring slight changes of interests on occasion.

This combination presents Libra as the judge and Gemini the approachable jury in respect to the marriage. With both being intellectual and artistically inclined, they understand one another well, especially when it
comes to the Libra, understanding both sides of the Gemini mate’s nature.

this is true! i found it HERE!

and i've myself experienced the great changes of emotions in a Gemini. glad that i am a Libra. maybe we really can believe in horoscopes eh? XD. meilin and ibeho, i love both of you (i hope i don't sound too les, i am normal la XDD)

and meilin, i will keep you in prayer. i sincerely wish you'll be fine. take care =)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

i also can

i also can emo!
don't get mistaken
i don't like those emo people
i just find it cool
taking photos looking so dead
the choice of colours
and everything of emo photos
which shout sad and despair
and somehow
i even find them artistic.

realize that i look terrible when i don't smile? T.T
i like this anyway. =D

once again let me remind u, i am not one of the gothic emo kids out there. i am perfectly sunny and happy. hehehe.

kinda addicted to this song, i don't know why ==

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

fun :)

finally i got the time to blog le. happy =D.
here are some crazy photos i took when muilin and ibeho came to my house last saturday.
just found out it's fun taking photos for people other than myself =D. i wished i had a nicer camera tho. T.T

censored version of meilin er
TADA! original ahha
my shirt my pants my bangles my meilin XD
kek emo
playing with colours is fun =D
emo dai sai aha
emo kok bah!
lagi emo
personally i think this is sweet =)
taekwondo stretching =D
hehehe no caption, i tried to make her look sexy for the photos below without looking slutty. i guess i did ok? hahaha

i have some more to go. stay tuned people =D

Monday, August 2, 2010

dressing up

another post on clothes. =D.
does she look like a toy compared to my wardrobe?
cute XD

red checked shirt- FOC from bella
red singlet- also FOC from bella
jeans skirt- RM35.90 Sg Wang
bag- FOC (my d.i.y bag which i featured before, this is the backside =D)
ibeho xiao jie. my xue yuan feng XD. she looks nicer in it tho. thinner T,T
white shirt- RM25 from Nv Ren Shi Jie, China
red skirt- RMxx Hock Lee, Kuching
Multipurpose Scarf- China (i forgot the price XD)
wooden necklace- RM18, tHe Spring
style no.2, i wouldn't look nice in this
red&white striped shirt- RM25 Sg Wang
jeans vest- FOC from auntie
white shorts- RM70++ (if not mistaken) from Padini
mouse bling bling necklace- RM13.90 mail ordered
they are my lovely friends
i love them :D
it's fun to dress people up
even with my limited resources
i only have a wardrobe
and it is shared between me and my sister
and it is so empty
so u know how little clothes i have
i want a bigggg walk innnn closet
i know it's easier to dream it out