Tuesday, August 3, 2010

fun :)

finally i got the time to blog le. happy =D.
here are some crazy photos i took when muilin and ibeho came to my house last saturday.
just found out it's fun taking photos for people other than myself =D. i wished i had a nicer camera tho. T.T

censored version of meilin er
TADA! original ahha
my shirt my pants my bangles my meilin XD
kek emo
playing with colours is fun =D
emo dai sai aha
emo kok bah!
lagi emo
personally i think this is sweet =)
taekwondo stretching =D
hehehe no caption, i tried to make her look sexy for the photos below without looking slutty. i guess i did ok? hahaha

i have some more to go. stay tuned people =D

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