Sunday, September 13, 2015

Second take on LDR

It doesn't feel so great, not great at all.
When you see couples holding hands in shopping malls
When you see couples at the movies
Even just eating together at some hawker stall
Something so trivial, I miss our times. :(
I miss my boyfriend, I miss my best friend
It has been a little too long
As if the South China Sea in between wasn't big enough a distance
It does get lonely, living upside down :((
There were really times I felt like giving up
Guess I'm not as strong as I believed I could be
Look, someone sent me the Miami sky! Oh, look at MY sky, the Haze Runner poster really cracked me up lol.

Next on my to-watch list: Maze Runner Scorch Trials!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Are you tired of me already?

Please don't, because I'm here to talk about books again, but this is a really really good book!

And I finished it within a day. 
I'll never regret starting to read Mitch Albom. 

Reading this book made me think of how mummy looks at old photos, regretting for not spending more time with popo. And it also reminded me how limited our days actually are, how much more time do I get to spend with my family? 

I've been staying home since I came back in June, to be honest it does get boring, and being human, I tend to take things for granted, like I lose patience with mummy over some silly things. But when we do certain things together, she would say 

"I'm glad you're here with me." 

Now that I come to think of it, I'm also glad I'm back home now, so glad mummy isn't working anymore, we go for yoga together, to dance together, went for blood donation together, facial, and bake together. 

Ahh I sidetracked again, the book is really really good. I remember talking about how the Timekeeper made me cry. This too, it is a simple book, a recollection of memories, but my tears just flowed. 
It's like raw emotion being shoved to my face hahaha or maybe it's just me being too sentimental. If you manage to get the book, do read it!! :)

And I'm not exactly that free now anyway. I got a paid assignment (dunno how much still hahaha) to translate an employee handbook from English (mildly broken and unorganized, that I had to correct), to BM and Mandarin. My BM has gotten really really rusty, so I am grateful for google translate.

And I suddenly feel like time's running out. I have yet to plan for the Vietnam trip *hehehe*, sister's birthday gift, mummy's best friend's daughter's wedding gift, dan sebagainya lol. Time to get back to the translation, tomorrow's the deadline!

And yes, being tech savvy *roll eyes* and internet fluent *double roll eyes* as I am, I'm on snapchat as well. Hahaha

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

下雨天了怎麼辦 我並不想你

每次我為了自己的不開心道歉 我不想了
每次亂反省 亂覺得自己無理取鬧
哭的是我 難過的是我 為什麼還要道歉
我哪裡無理取鬧了 我怎麼算無理取鬧了
情緒不可以壓抑 會內傷的
My sadness and my thoughts never touched you anyway.
你也為什麼要道歉呢 下雨天呢
被愛的人不用道歉 歌詞說的 不是我

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I'm gonna bore you again

Stayed up till 3am to finish this book which I had failed to finish for 3 times
Sometimes I wish there was a book club that I can join lol
No need socializing, just a group of people whom I can discuss the book with lol
This was about scientific discoveries, NASA, government, politics and *ahem ahem* donations 
The suspense was killing me, and I just couldn't stop
Now that I've finished reading, the emptiness comes again. Shit shit shit
Oh how great it is, the joy and satisfaction of reading a good book.