Saturday, June 30, 2012

the tourist.

hi hi hi! it seems i have a lot to talk about
but at the same time nothing to say lol
being a tourist guide for the fourth day now, it's kinda funny but true that i've done many things i haven't done before this. so much for being a Kuchingite for almost 21 years. wait, i meant 16. =D

i think that's my first ever photo with the famous Padungan cat haha

first time ever trying the famous Gong Pia in Song Kheng Hai

not first time. but i bought myself a set of bracelet + ring + toe ring
where the main point was actually the toe ring XD

first time having the again, famous, Aladdin fried chicken rice

first time ever taking photos in the Old Court House
would've been so much prettier if we went in the morning

even walked until my sandals open buaya mouth

tempted to buy a very touristy dress while accompanying Ballack and Weiqi to buy souvenirs. *convinces self it wouldn't suit me*, and finally left the dress for a suitable buyer haha.

belts. the colours of Sarawak.
actually i really feel like i'm more like a tourist because i'm the one taking all pictures @@

very pattern. but again, first time ever taking a photo at a random street with a random traffic light haha. oh that's one of the only 3 McDonald's in Kuching if you're not a Kuchingite haha. 

and i finally gave in to the tourist in me. haha.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

i'm home =)

this morning, in the bus. all set. i'm coming home. tell the world i'm coming home!

Oinky reading the safety precautions =D

fast. fast. fast.
after 3 hours of bus ride from Teluk Intan to Pudu
around 10 minutes of walking + LRT from Pudu to KL Sentral
and 1 hour from KL Sentral to LCCT
100 minutes flight from KL to KUCHING

almost 6 hours wasted 
i'm now HOME after 4 months!!!!

and tomorrow will be my first day as a tour guide XD
bye i'm so happy haha

Monday, June 25, 2012

feels like summer

actually it does not only feel like summer. it is summer ==. i sweat every single day. lol.
WeiQi's brother brought us for some snacks and cold treats in this place called Hawaii.
the family tried their best to make us at home.. i feel so blessed T.T 

Kiwi Bingo something something.

and this Hawaii is super sour and refreshing! =D

then we went to this Teluk Intan River Bank, just like our Waterfront. and there was a park inside.

i laughed at these girls haha. they had super heavy makeup and even brought along an umbrella. oh they were trying to take model photos with their phones lol lol.

introducing Weiqi's niece: Ying Ying..

don't want to lose. also take photos
but we no makeup hahaha

hee.. rasa demure lol

i like this shot! =D 

and this! XDD
ying ying so cute!

breakfast this morning before sending LooLoo off to the bus terminal 

and i decide to bring them to Huang Shang Huang for their Misua. sure win hahaha


byebye LooLoo hopefully we get to meet in Kuching XD

then off we went to sing k hohoho

touch screen song selector with effects and all that

only in Teluk Intan... 
we wear

pajamas to sing k

and only in Teluk Intan... 
it costs only RM13 for two hours++, two persons, two cups of drinks and a plate of titbit.
cheap or not! and the songs super updated lo!

tried this new thing.
mango with soya sauce + cili padi + sugar.
tasted weird at first but it grew on me and i enjoyed myself! haha

done packing
tomorrow this time i'll be in Kuching


so long..

hi this is scheduled but one more day i'll be back in Kuching!!!

meanwhile, few days ago...

i hate packing
this is about 1/3 of the things i have
lesson learnt: no need so many unwanted things. ==

bye Room A306 =)

take care. so much to say. i'm missing you already T.T

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Teluk Intan Day 1, 2 and 3 =D

ehehe, hi hi. i thought there wasn't WiFi here but since there is now, i shall blog.
because the camera storage is expanding with photos! lollol
last photo before leaving my room. ooh red is such a lovely colour don't you agree?

left my faithful sleeping mate under the care of zhangqijian. =(

lunch in MCD Pudu before leaving for Wei Qi's house
MCD isn't that nice after you have it continuously for 4 days. ==

Teluk Intan here i come!!

i don't look like me ==

first meal upon reaching..
Steamboat Buffet
they will grill for us! whee! just give them whatever you want to eat

before i knew weiqi now has wifi at home
was so happy when i saw this lol
yes, can't survive with no internet ==

there are many other photos but this post will be too long haha
if you're really interested can look in my facebook album HERE 
all the yummy desserts XD
custard tart

fruit tart

not so nice chocolate thingy
but looks nice haha

ice cream. the only normal one was the yam ==
and i had only ONE cup. so not me =(
but i was really so full 


cheese tart! =D
i dug out the cheese and put ice cream inside haha

WeiQi's nephew who is so much smaller than Oinky XD
Oinky is one big baby heehee

breakfast the next day (yesterday) 

豆花and pudding

drove past WeiQi's school
i think i did their past year paper before.. haha

i slept almost the whole day ==

went for something cold at night 
these notes always attract me for no reason
but i saw some people leaving their phone numbers and facebook
friendly or desperate? no idea..

LooLoo with his Zha Guo ximilu. very meh =/

mango ximilu. fail. T.T

the only more presentable Yam Shaved Ice..
so so nia lo
Snowflake, Chatime and K.T.Z should come, sure super good business
oh and Moo Cow lol lol

die die also want write
and cover up other people's notes haha

nice lantern though. haha

then we went to the landmark of T.I. -- The Leaning Tower
i did not purposely tilt my camera!
it really is like that!

then we went queuing up

for the well-known and LooLoo said was once on TV de Chee Cheong Fun

hi lol

processing the skin

tastes nice when hot and with chilies, just like kolomee haha

peach for Miss Kero, black for Miaomiao Mummy, pink for meself =D

gift from WeiQi's brother working in a confectionery.

and today's breakfast (actually it's brunch ahha)

then we went to the Leaning Tower again 
the tower is actually a big tangki and that's like a well if you were wondering
and the shiny things are coins people threw in

tourist me. should've worn sports shoes and cap in case people didn't know HAHA

the many faces of the Leaning Tower
which i actually didn't bother to read =X haha

the winding stairs..

ooh i love instagram for beautifying pictures XD

me like me like. you like not? hehe 

tried jumping
succeeded but my shirt flew up holy shit
so this didn't get into facebook

i already have some more photos
but let's just call it a day.
there's another post scheduled for tomorrow morning.
lol. see you.
and Kuching SEE YOU SOON