Saturday, June 30, 2012

the tourist.

hi hi hi! it seems i have a lot to talk about
but at the same time nothing to say lol
being a tourist guide for the fourth day now, it's kinda funny but true that i've done many things i haven't done before this. so much for being a Kuchingite for almost 21 years. wait, i meant 16. =D

i think that's my first ever photo with the famous Padungan cat haha

first time ever trying the famous Gong Pia in Song Kheng Hai

not first time. but i bought myself a set of bracelet + ring + toe ring
where the main point was actually the toe ring XD

first time having the again, famous, Aladdin fried chicken rice

first time ever taking photos in the Old Court House
would've been so much prettier if we went in the morning

even walked until my sandals open buaya mouth

tempted to buy a very touristy dress while accompanying Ballack and Weiqi to buy souvenirs. *convinces self it wouldn't suit me*, and finally left the dress for a suitable buyer haha.

belts. the colours of Sarawak.
actually i really feel like i'm more like a tourist because i'm the one taking all pictures @@

very pattern. but again, first time ever taking a photo at a random street with a random traffic light haha. oh that's one of the only 3 McDonald's in Kuching if you're not a Kuchingite haha. 

and i finally gave in to the tourist in me. haha.

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