Monday, June 25, 2012

feels like summer

actually it does not only feel like summer. it is summer ==. i sweat every single day. lol.
WeiQi's brother brought us for some snacks and cold treats in this place called Hawaii.
the family tried their best to make us at home.. i feel so blessed T.T 

Kiwi Bingo something something.

and this Hawaii is super sour and refreshing! =D

then we went to this Teluk Intan River Bank, just like our Waterfront. and there was a park inside.

i laughed at these girls haha. they had super heavy makeup and even brought along an umbrella. oh they were trying to take model photos with their phones lol lol.

introducing Weiqi's niece: Ying Ying..

don't want to lose. also take photos
but we no makeup hahaha

hee.. rasa demure lol

i like this shot! =D 

and this! XDD
ying ying so cute!

breakfast this morning before sending LooLoo off to the bus terminal 

and i decide to bring them to Huang Shang Huang for their Misua. sure win hahaha


byebye LooLoo hopefully we get to meet in Kuching XD

then off we went to sing k hohoho

touch screen song selector with effects and all that

only in Teluk Intan... 
we wear

pajamas to sing k

and only in Teluk Intan... 
it costs only RM13 for two hours++, two persons, two cups of drinks and a plate of titbit.
cheap or not! and the songs super updated lo!

tried this new thing.
mango with soya sauce + cili padi + sugar.
tasted weird at first but it grew on me and i enjoyed myself! haha

done packing
tomorrow this time i'll be in Kuching


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