Friday, June 22, 2012

above fluffy cotton candies.

hi i finally manage to find some time
leaving for Teluk Intan tomorrow and i guess you wouldn't be hearing from me until i reach my dearest Kuching. but i might have some post scheduled, not sure XD

anyway that was our last paper
last day as a 1st year student.
time flies ==
this was actually before the exam
we just wanted to make sure we can still smile nicely
in case the paper was hard haha

never knew my haircolour looks so nice XD
i left the exam hall earlier like a boss because i rock lol

i remember seeing the same thing in Kuching High's toilet.

after i was done, straight we went to Genting, as i mentioned earlier on XD 
view from our 黄牛房 ==

our generation:

tap the frog 2 is seriously addictive! haha

stayed in at night because i couldn't get into the casino
tried getting past the security but failed
now i'm convinced i look young hohoho

and i broke my own record ahaha super pro

because there was nothing better to do. lol

and after realizing we use the same hair vitamin and have the same surname
Ah Boon and i found out some other things we have in common
Phone, travelling bag, and strawberry bag lol

bad news was we were unable to get any bus ticket to go to Melaka
hence Melaka plan failed but we stayed another day in Genting
and explored all the indoor rides lol
that uncle behind jingran photobomb us

and bought a Baby On Board sticker
because we have Oinky on board XD

Nyak Nyak who naively believed Zhangqijian's crazy story of Lao Po Bing's come about.
his expression was PRICELESS haha

thanks to Ah Boon who worked in Genting before
we got to eat steamboat at a cheaper rate heehee 

two nights continuously we had starbucks @@

with the mini tripod we started to camwhore like no tomorrow
i think the people all thought we were so sakai
never go genting never go starbucks never drink starbucks never take photo haha

i like this! =O!! XD

spot the similarity lol

i love holidays
but right now all i want is to go home!!
argh, 4 more days!!

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