Friday, June 1, 2012


5 months since we first held hands =) 
i remember back in early Secondary school when there were couples, it was already a great thing if they were able to be together for a few months. but then now, even relationships that can last for 1 or 2 years do not necessarily mean anything, it's just so fragile, at least in my perception. @@ this should be one of the posts when i once in a while did some serious thinking and came out with some serious but again, maybe pointless thought. ==

so last week i was a bit abnormal. not only last week i know. had been such for long. i dunno why but maybe i know why. the main thing is i haven't been the happy / positive me. and i get mad over stupid things. i could sense that it wasn't how i should behave but i just couldn't help. i'm sorry but i promise i will get over this crap real soon. 

thank you for putting up with me and being so nice
i feel so terrible =S


yMoon said...

热恋期是将的吗 =) 我的朋友,刚刚跟他在一起四年的女朋友分手了。。=/ 我也担心其实,可是缘分很难决定的,相信他吧 =)

mOmO said...