Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a rock just left my shoulders =)

yoho.. i am quite jovial at the moment
despite my desire to hibernate which has been bugging since exam hall
breakfast in KFC after TITAS =D

for your information.. 
this has been bugging me since few days ago
i took note of the TITAS (a subject like Sejarah) tips given by the lecturer
i know right, back to secondary school days XD
so i copied the tips and shared, initially to few of my closer friends only
but eventually, sharing is caring
more and more people were tagged that i had to change the privacy of the note
but i wasn't sure if the tips were accurate
and some people told me the Uni might find out and change the set of questions
which i didn't really think of anyway
and i was quite frustrated because of all that la.
but there was nothing i could do T.T
all i did was keep on P.S-ing in the note that I AM NOT SURE OF THE ACCURACY of the tips
to cut the long story short
i was so relieved when i opened my question paper this morning
i think i can score for this paper, *fingers crossed*
and also those who were lazy and decided to study based on the tips like me XD
never have i loved my lecturer so much XDD

ok done sharing my joy, i shall go and embrace my bed.
byebye =D

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