Monday, June 18, 2012

why we just love fitting rooms

 hi by the time you read this post
i have already finished my last paper for Semester 2
and probably on the road somewhere to have fun

yes so this is a scheduled post
because i wouldn't be around for a few days
Tuesday & Wednesday: MALACCA
oh yeah hohoho MISS ME!

for sure i'll have a lot more photos after the three days
so i better finish this before it gets expired HEEHEE

this was in Uniqlo XD
we went to see if there are any new One Piece T-Shirts

hee, i know very hiao XD

then TOPSHOP fitting room lol 

this was candid but rasa pro XD

i think fitting rooms always have this super lighting and magic power that make people think they look good haha
the jeans was really comfortable also, so soft. but no i didn't get it if you are wondering.

emo face because..

he spent around RM13 for a bowl of Maggi Mee

my Kimchi fried rice lol

see, it's Maggi
lol lol
later we found out it was actually
but doesn't really make any difference la hahahhaah
no more next time ==

our target is to finish collecting all 15 stamps for the card
2nd Year Sem 1 jiayou ba lol lol 

don't you think he looks super cute in there? =D

one last photo.

okay i must admit i really boxim to blog now.
i want to go pack for the outing liao
and i have to study. == haha

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