Thursday, June 7, 2012

back in action!

heehee Grammar just killed me this morning. hi i resurrected XD

so i saw a tutorial to revamp old tshirts
and i couldn't wait any longer to rip some shirts XD
luckily i have this Mickey T-Shirt which is a bit holey already
but i didn't wanna throw it away because i like the flower flower thing lol
kachak kachak that's what i got XD
i finally cut off the fringes because they look weird on me
and very hiao went to cut a heart shape at the backside

ispired by a photo i saw on Instagram
i know.. big difference == haha

tada =D
ei my hair really long liao heeheehee

some other possible combinations =D
and actually the ones with skirt cheat one
cz it's actually so short i can't really tuck in unless i wear the skirts really high up haha

a photo of mine i found not bad XD

i had fun!!
more shirts please =P

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